Why we recommend Westex Carpets

When it comes to quality, luxury, a huge choice of colour, and excellent value for money, we recommend Westex Carpets. There’s something for every living space, whether you want the long-lasting reliability of wool, or the luxuriousness of a lustrous velvet sheen. Find out more and see pictures of Westex Carpets by reading on…

About Westex Carpets
If you didn’t know, Westex is a British company, and all manufacturing of the carpets is done not very far away, in West Yorkshire. They’ve been in business some forty years now, having been started by a master dyer who was passionate about bringing more colour choice to the carpets being manufactured at the time. That ethos remains at the heart of the Westex Carpets business; today, Westex is renowned for its huge range of carpet colours. No other manufacturer offers as much colour choice across a range of such high-quality carpets.    
Westex Carpets Ultima Twist carpet is available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire

Seen here is just one of the wonderful colours available in the Ultima Twist collection where there are 120 colours to choose from. Thisi image belongs to Westex Carpets. 

What makes Westex Carpets so special?
There are many benefits to Westex Carpets, and when you bring these all together, you will understand why they make great value for money.
First of all, there is the quality of the products. This comes from the processes used to make the carpets, which makes them look great and last longer. And we all want our carpets to last a long time, even in a busy household. While many other manufacturers use single yarns, Westex use 2- and 3-fold yarns. The folding of the yarn gives it extra strength and resilience which helps reduce crushing, pile reversal and daily wear and tear for many years.

Westex also give all their carpets some extra treatment too, which comes as standard. There are four main treatments including: Stain Resist, Moth Guard, Fresh Guard, and Allergy Guard. This gives customers the peace of mind that carpets will stay fresher and cleaner for longer, with protection against mould fungi, moths, bacteria, house dust-mites, pet odours, and other allergens.
And as we mentioned earlier, with Westex you have the biggest choice of carpet colours to choose from. For example, with the best-selling Ultima Twist collection, there is an impressive 120 colours. And not just that, but whichever carpet you go for, if you want to colour match it with a paint or furnishing fabric colour in your home, Westex have the specialist dye capabilities to do this. If something more exciting than toned down neutrals is what you had in mind, you won’t be disappointed with the Westex carpet colour options.

Westex Carpets Ultima Twist is available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire  West Carpets Ultima Twist can be supplied and fitted by Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire  The Westex Carpets Ultima Twist carpet is available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Knutsford Cheshire
From deep, dark shades, to bright colours, Westex offers so many carpet colours. Whether you want to go big and bold or play it safe with a softer, neutral shade, you’ll find a colour to suit - and if you don’t, Westex offers a colour matching dyeing service. These images belong to Westex Carpets. 

The Westex Carpet Collections
So, we’ve looked at all the good things about Westex and the benefits of choosing their carpets. But, what do some of their collections look like?
Here are three Westex carpet collections which are the most popular with our customers.
The Westex Ultima Twist Collection
What’s lovely about Ultima Twist is the wonderful, smooth finish each of the carpets has, thanks to the cropping process in their manufacture. It gives the perfect balance between comfort and performance, making it ideal for all rooms across the home. It’s made from an 80% premium, 2-fold tufted wool blend with 20% nylon, which gives it extra resilience and recovery. Being suitable for underfloor heating, it also comes in a choice of 5 widths, which helps makes it a little more economical when looking at costs. And it’s this collection where you have 120 colours to choose from!
Ultima Twist comes in five different qualities, where the tog and luxury rating varies. It starts with Penultima at 1.19 tog and a 7.5mm thickness, going up to Major in the middle at 1.46 tog and a 9.5mm thickness, and at the top end is Pinnacle at 1.67 tog and a 11.5mm carpet thickness.

Ultima Twist carpet from Westex is available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire

The Westex Silken Velvet Collection
Every good carpet manufacturer has a faux silk carpet offering, such is the popularity of this style of carpet. Westex Carpets are no exception with their Silken Velvet Collection. Here you will find three different luxury quality types in varying thickness. It starts with Vogue with a 1.02 tog rating and 10mm thickness, up to Debonair with a 1.41 tog rating and a sumptuous 13mm carpet thickness.
There are 40 colours to choose from in this collection; from the darkest black to golds, reds, greens, blues, through to lighter browns, greys and creams. The exceptional softness and lustre of this carpet comes from it being made from PA 6.6 nylon fibre. These carpets also come in 5 different widths, which helps make a difference on the overall costs of your carpet project depending on your room size.

Westex Carpets Silken Velvet carpets are available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire

The Westex Westend Velvet Collection
Not to be confused with the Silken Velvet, this collection is made from 80% wool and 20% nylon. The yarn is 2-tufted, which results in a rich carpet with superior quality – it looks wonderful and feels just as luxurious under foot. As with the other collections, this one comes in 3 different luxury qualities: Supreme at 1.95 tog, Prestige at 1.92 tog and Westend at 1.68 tog.
With 80 standard colours to choose from across all three of the carpet qualities, you won’t struggle to find something to suit your space. And unlike many other carpet manufacturers, Westex offer their carpets in 5 different widths, which helps the overall cost of your project in terms of reducing waste.

Westex Carpets Westend Velvet carpet is available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire

Other collection from Westex Carpets
The carpet collections don’t stop there – other collections include Pure Luxury Wool made from 100% premium quality wool, which comes in a choice of 12 naturally-inspired colours. 
If you like a loop, Westex have a few wool loop pile carpet collections too with the Boucle Natural Loop, Cable Natural Loop and Briar Natural Loop.

Finally, Exquisite Velvet finishes the choice of carpets. This is a short, dense pile carpet which is great for the busier areas of the home as it’s so hardwearing. It comes in a choice of 60 colours too! With an 8mm carpet thickness and 1.18 tog rating, it’s much shorter and more dense, but very resilient.

Westex and waste – an interesting fact
When it comes to waste and recycling, you might be interested to know this fact about Westex.
Being a West Yorkshire business, Westex is located in what’s known as The Rhurbarb Triangle. This is a substantial region of Yorkshire, famous for producing rhubarb using early forcing methods.
As manufacturers of wool carpets, Westex end up with a lot of ‘cropper dust’, which they collect and give to the local farmers who recycle it and use it to grow the rhubarb.

If you are thinking of a super soft new carpet, an exciting, coloured carpet for your home, or a carpet which offers excellent quality and value for money, then we recommend Westex Carpets. You can see samples of the Westex carpet collections and browse all the colours available in them at our Bowdon or Knutsford showrooms. To book a free appointment for an estimate for Westex carpets, contact us today.

* All the images seen in this blog belong to Westex Carpets.