Wood floors give a home saleability

Engineered hardwood floors have many benefits.  They’re beautiful, practical, safe and when it comes to selling your home, will give your property saleability.

Can a wood floor make a difference?
Most professionals in the property industry agree that a wood floor will help you sell or let your home.  It’s not a case of a wood floor alone adding value, but more that wood flooring makes part of the overall package.  Potential buyers are always looking for features, fixtures and rooms that are tasteful, high quality and make for a good living space.  With flooring, it’s about making sure it works with the rest of the room, adding continuity to the overall scheme.  And where homeowners have invested in refurbishment or creating new spaces, buyers would expect to find a high-quality floor in place.

Ted Todd engineered hardwood floor installed by Flooring 4 You in Cheshire
Showing: Ted Todd engineered hardwood we installed to a home with a new extended space, used as a family playroom.

What’s the benefit of wood?
Anyone looking to buy a new home will appreciate the benefits of wood flooring.  A good quality wood floor, once installed, is easy to clean and relatively maintenance free depending how much it is used.  One of the biggest attractions of wood flooring, especially in family homes is its health properties.  Wood floors don’t harbour dust or other allergens which makes them excellent for keeping homes healthy.  There’s the safety element of wood, too with it being able to withstand flames, protecting against fire.  Bridging the gap between modern and traditional in interior style, a wood floor brings timeless beauty and enhances the décor of any room.  It also has excellent insulation properties and if underfloor heating is installed too, buyers will be thrilled with the additional modern comforts on offer.  This all makes wood flooring a great selling point.
Ted Todd Sherwood plank in the Classic range, installed by Flooring 4 You Ltd to a home in Hartford, Cheshire
Showing: The Sherwood plank in the Ted Todd Classic range we installed to this home in Hartford, Cheshire.

Flooring options for your home
Nobody says you need to rush out and get a wood floor installed in your home tomorrow.  But if you are renovating a space or updating a floor, and you have plans to sell your property in the future, an engineered wood floor might be a worthy investment.  Price-wise wood flooring is by no means the cheapest, but there are affordable options, and the difference it can make in the long run, while you live with it and when you come to sell your home, can reap dividends.
Ted Todd Fine Wood Floors
Here at Flooring 4 You, we have a few options for engineered hardwood flooring. 
Our biggest and most popular brand is British born Ted Todd Fine Wood Floors, who produce some of the most original, creative and high-quality wood floors on the market for residential and commercial use.  Whether you want a contemporary style in modern grey tones or a more traditional, antique effect floor, Ted Todd has a versatile selection of wood flooring to choose from.  Ted Todd floors are great for busy family homes, with a 4mm hardwood wear layer on the 15mm-thick European Oak planks and a 6mm wear layer on the 20mm-thick planks.  Our flooring experts can talk you through the best Ted Todd floors to suit your home, based on your circumstances and budget.  Meanwhile, our Knutsford showroom features one of the largest displays of Ted Todd flooring in the North West, with our Bowdon showroom also having samples of the more popular ranges such as Warehouse, Project and Foundation.  So, make sure to see us if you’re thinking of Ted Todd for your space.
Ted Todd Portia engineered hardwood floor in the Patterns & Panels collection, installed by Flooring 4 You Ltd at a home in Bowdon, Cheshire

Showing: A recent installation we did throughout a home in Bowdon – this is Ted Todd Portia, a statement-making herringbone floor from the Patterns and Panels collection. 

Our second most popular engineered hardwood flooring here at Flooring 4 You, is Quick-Step’s Parquet wood range.  We blogged all about it some months ago, which you can read again here; but their selection of wood floors in many shapes, colours and detailed surface effects can be laid with the easy to install, Uniclic Multifit system, making them quicker and easier to install. 
The Palazzo collection is a popular choice in Cheshire homes; the long, wide planks are beautifully proportioned with a large bevel edge and come with a 3.5mm wear layer for a strong, durable floor.  We install a lot of Palazzo in Natural Heritage Oak Matt; with its subtle light brown tones and grain, and luxurious lacquered finish, it adds enough character to both modern and traditional spaces alike.  You can find Quick-Step engineered hardwood at each of our three showrooms, although to see the full collection in its entirety, head to our larger Knutsford and Bowdon showrooms.  At our showroom in Timperley village, there is a much smaller selection on display, but it could make a good starting point to pick up a brochure, talk styles, and book a free estimate.

Flooring 4 You best-selling Quick-Step engineered hardwood floor is Natural Heritage Oak Matt from the Palazzo collection
Showing: Our best-selling Quick-Step engineered hardwood floor; this is Natural Heritage Oak Matt from the Palazzo collection, installed by our team at a home in Hale.

Established since 1929, Panaget is one of France’s leading manufacturers of hardwood floors and undoubtedly the best when it comes to French oak flooring.  Their planks are renowned for their je ne c’est quoi, with attractive textures, colours and finishes.  From the extremely fashionable white, distressed effect planks to the more traditional, golden tones and timeless hues, a Panaget floor brings a touch of luxury to any home.  The wear layer is a little thinner than some of the other hardwood flooring we offer – the 12mm planks have a 2.5mm wear layer while the 14mm thick planks, a 3.4mm wear layer, but that cannot detract from the beauty and ingenuity of the detail to be found on the planks.  
Hardwood floors from Panaget can be easily installed with the option of the glue-free click system available on some planks.  To see the Panaget collection and touch to appreciate the texture, head to our Knutsford showroom where we have samples on display.
French oak engineered hardwood floor from Panaget, installed by Flooring 4 You Ltd to a home in Cheshire
Showing: French Oak engineered hardwood floor from Panaget – this is the Shabi oiled plank with bleached colours and a time-worn effect, popular with urban designers creating a contemporary effect.
We’re wood experts
We don’t just say it, we really do know our wood floors.  From helping you choose the right style, to taking all the necessary moisture readings in your home to determine whether wood flooring will be suitable, we go the extra step to make sure your wood flooring will last a lifetime and add value to your home.  Our professional team of fitters are experts at installing engineered hardwood and do so in many laying patterns too, from herringbone to chevron.  If you want a floor that sets your home apart and is as practical as it is beautiful, go for wood. One thing’s for sure; lots of flooring will come and go in style, but wood will always remain popular, high quality and worth the investment for your home.

The Ted Todd Compton plank from the Foundation range installed to a home in Bowdon by Flooring 4 You Ltd
Showing: Go for the natural, rustic look with the Ted Todd Compton plank from the Foundation range, like this we installed at a home in Bowdon.

Whether your selling your home or not, if you want to find out more about engineered hardwood flooring for your home, contact us at one of our showrooms today.  We can visit your home to carry out a free estimate, which includes taking moisture readings as much as measuring the space for the floor – book your estimate with us today!  Or, to see some of the ranges we have shared here, touch the flooring and see the quality of the wood finish for yourself, visit our Knutsford showroom where we have all the samples under one roof.