Why Ted Todd Warehouse sells so well

When it comes to Ted Todd engineered wood floors, the Warehouse collection is one of the most popular with our customers. In this new blog post we look at why Ted Todd Warehouse sells so well, exploring the different styles, the quality of the floor, and its price point. We also share some pictures of some of the many floors in the Warehouse collection we’ve installed over the years. Don’t miss it…

About Ted Todd Warehouse floors
The Warehouse collection of engineered floors from Ted Todd is designed to stand the test of time. When it comes to their construction, the floors are exceptionally well made from FSC-certified engineered European Oak and are given a long-lasting hardened oil finish. The features of the floor focus on movement and undulating texture, which gives them visual appeal and makes them authentic to the touch. The team at Ted Todd also brush the wood, which teases out the grain detail for that extra touch of aesthetic class. Practical and on-trend, you’ll find nine different styles of floor in the Warehouse collection, including: Flax, Fleece, Flint, Furrow, Husk, Malting, Raw Cotton, Strand, and Sugar Cane.
Ted Todd Warehouse Sugar Cane installed by the Flooring 4 You team at a home in Cheshire

Here is Ted Todd Warehouse Sugar Cane installed by the Flooring 4 You team in a parquet herringbone laying pattern.

Why is Warehouse so popular?
When you look at the Warehouse engineered floor as a whole package; the quality of the floor, its modern
look, how practical it is, and the price point compared to other engineered floors, it’s a good choice. Although there are only 9 woods in the collection, there is enough style choice to suit different room styles. For example, you have a choice of a more rustic grey with Flax and a grey with softer tones, when it comes to Flint. Furrow is a fantastic warm wood with hints of grey running through it and is currently one of our bestsellers. Sugar Cane is another which has always been very popular with customers, most notably due to the fact it ticks all the natural oak boxes. Whether you want a modern or traditional look, Warehouse has an engineered floor that delivers. 

The other important point to note when it comes to Ted Todd Warehouse, is the fact the floors come in a choice of laying styles. So, depending which floor in the collection you choose, you can get it in extra wide planks, herringbone, or chevron planks to complete the look of your floor. When it comes to modern floors, Warehouse really is ideal. 
The Flooring 4 You team installed this Ted Todd Warehouse Husk floor in Prestbury

The Flooring 4 You team installed this Ted Todd Warehouse floor in Prestbury – it’s the Husk floor in a herringbone pattern.

Good on the budget
There’s no doubting that engineered floors can quickly reach the top end of a flooring budget, many coming of them have a costly price per square metre.
However, when it comes to cost, the Ted Todd Warehouse collection is a little kinder on your purse strings. The floors in this collection start from £64.99m2, which is very good for such a high-quality floor. And when you have a floor of this calibre installed in your home, it pays to see it as a long-term investment. After all, if you take good care of it and follow the care and cleaning instructions which we share with all our customers after installation, it will last for many years.

You get a lot of good floor for your money with the Warehouse collection, which is why we recommend customers take a look at the different styles when starting your engineered floor journey.   
Ted Todd Warehouse Fleece floor installed by Flooring 4 You Ltd in Lymm Cheshire

Here is another Ted Todd Warehouse installation done by the Flooring 4 You Ltd team, this time in Lymm. The floor you can see is Fleece which works very well with the homeowner’s shaker style kitchen.

A floor with so much to offer
As well as how wonderfully practical an engineered wood floor is; it’s easy to clean and is relatively maintenance-free depending how much it is used – it also brings home selling power. And by that we mean a wood floor can add value to your home, being a sought after feature by homebuyers. In today’s fast-moving property market, it might be something to bear in mind! 
Plus, did you know of the health benefits which wood floors offer? Wood floors don’t harbour dust or other allergens which makes them excellent for keeping homes healthy.  There’s the safety element of wood, too with it being able to withstand flames, protecting against fire. It also has excellent insulation properties, too.
With so many benefits, we highly recommend you take a look at the Ted Todd Warehouse engineered floors when you look for your next shop flooring for your home.  

Don’t just take our word for it – come and see the excellent quality of the Ted Todd Warehouse engineered floors for yourself. You can see the collection upstairs in our Knutsford showroom where we have one of the biggest displays of Ted Todd floors in the North West. We are expert engineered wood floor fitters too, so you can be assured of an excellent installation with our team.
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