Underfloor heating

It’s that time of year as the temperature outside starts to drop, our homes get chilly and we reach out to turn the central heating on.  For those working on extension or renovation projects, it’s a good time to consider underfloor heating.  In fact, we are often asked by customers as they browse flooring in our showrooms, whether this or that is suitable for use with underfloor heating.  The answer in most cases is, yes! 

So, if you’re 100% certain you want underfloor heating, or you already have a system in place, but you haven’t yet chosen your new flooring, then let us give you some ideas.   

Across all the hard flooring we sell, underfloor heating is compatible.  That includes engineered hardwood flooring whether Ted Todd floors or Quick-Step parquet flooring, laminate flooring from Quick-Step and luxury vinyl design flooring from Karndean, Amtico and Distinctive, for example.  Of course, if it’s a new system being installed, or you already have underfloor heating, it’s important you tell us in the showroom or when the surveyor visits, so we can be certain to avoid issues.

Karndean LVT flooring installation  Quick-Step flooring laminate installation  Ted Todd engineered hardwood flooring installation
Showing left to right: Karndean LVT flooring, Quick-Step laminate, Ted Todd engineered hardwood flooring – recent installations we have done that would all be suitable for underfloor heating.

Heating beneath carpet  
Yes, you can also bring extra underfoot warmth into your carpeted rooms if you so wish.  However, it will require a little more research into carpet type and tog rating, which of course we can help you with.  It’s worth mentioning at this stage, that most carpets made today are designed with warmth in mind.  Wool carpets especially have excellent insulation properties and more so when you account for underlay, so we recommend careful consideration of carpet type before committing yourself to underfloor heating.
Castlemead Twist carpet from Adam Carpets
Showing: Castlemead Twist from Adam Carpets is between 1.5 and 1.6 tog.

Tog ratings
The tog rating is a measurement of how insulating a carpet is and to be suitable for underfloor heating, the combined total of the carpet and underlay needs to be no more than 2.5 tog.  Anything over this and you will get no benefit from the underfloor heating system as the underlay and carpet will absorb all the heat before it gets to you.  Most carpets have their tog rating included on the specification, but again, it’s worth speaking with your flooring retailer as you need to account for the underlay that will be used.  Here at Flooring 4 You Ltd, if we know you want underfloor heating beneath your carpet, we use a special underlay that guarantees good heat exchange.  Again, let your surveyor know whether you will be having or if you already have an underfloor heating system, so we can make sure the right products are recommended and quoted for.

Showing: Ulster Carpets Open Spaces collection – a 100% wool carpet with a 1.0 tog rating.

Thinking of underfloor heating, got it already or about to have your new system installed?  Call into any of
our showrooms to browse carpet or hard flooring for underfloor heating that suits your style and will maximise the heat in your chosen rooms.  Alternatively, you can contact us at any time to arrange your free, no obligation survey and quotation for flooring whether you have underfloor heating or not.  We are getting busier as the Christmas period approaches, so don’t leave it too late!