The scoop on wool loop

We give you the lowdown on wool loop carpets so you can decide whether they’re right for you, which are the best to go for and how to care for them.  And of course, we share some our favourite wool loop carpet installations we’ve done across Cheshire recently. 

Firstly, what is wool loop?
A loop pile carpet is made of literally loops of yarn; the yarn is sewn and tufted into the backing without being cut. The finish is a range of textures from a soft, smooth feel under your foot to something a little firmer. A simple loop carpet where all the loops are the same height and size are good for heavy traffic areas, and they don’t show any footprints. The more tightly tufted the loops, the denser the carpet, which makes it even better for busy areas of the home.
Sometimes you hear of a ‘multi-level’ or ‘high-low’ loop; that’s where you get loops of different heights running through the carpet. This is done to allow for different texture or to create distinctive patterns, such carpets are also very hardwearing while being comfortable to walk on.
You might also hear of a cut and loop pile, again the combination of cutting some of the yarn and keeping some of it looped is done to allow for more patterns and designs across the carpet. These are becoming more popular with the prevalence of patterns, but they can wear out quicker than other styles. What tends to happen is the longer cut fibres bend over the shorter loops, making the carpet look worn. A combination cut and loop pile carpet is best installed in a space with a low amount of traffic.

An example of a wool loop carpet from Crucial Trading at the Flooring 4 You showroom in Timperley
Showing: a close-up of the Crucial Trading Grace 100% wool loop carpet, showing the wool loops.  

A good quality wool loop
If you want a wool loop carpet that’s going too last it’s a case of what you pay for is what you get. The better quality the wool will see your carpet last longer, providing you also take good care of it (we’ll come to that next). We recommend spending around £40m2 or more for a good quality wool loop carpet. It sounds a lot but it’s the right level of investment for this type of carpet, and as we said before it will last years. And with a good quality wool loop, you can feel confident it will withstand those busy areas like stairs and landings, even lounges. Areas which, if you went for a cheaper option may see you having to replace your carpet much sooner than you hoped.
Telenzo Mainline wool loop carpet installed by carpet fitters at Flooring 4 You at a home in Appleton Cheshire
Showing: An installation we did at a home in Appleton, Cheshire. This is the Telenzo Mainline carpet, 100% wool with a fine gauge (which means the rows of pile yarn are very close together) loop striped design. You can see samples of Telenzo Mainline at all our flooring showrooms in Knutsford, Bowdon and Timperley.

Caring for your wool loop
Probably the most important bit to know if you’re going for a wool loop carpet, is how to look after it. If you buy any floor from us, whether it’s a carpet, laminate or engineered wood, we always share maintenance instructions with you and point you in the right direction for the cleaning products and tools you should use. For wool loops though, you need to make sure you have and use the right type of vacuum cleaner. A cylinder type vacuum with a high-powered suction mechanism and large head is recommended rather than one with rotating brushes (or a beater bar), to prevent pilling on the surface.  If you have a vacuum with a brush roll / beater bar and can turn it off, then that will work, but make sure to check your vacuum cleaner specifications before you commit to a wool loop pile carpet purchase. 
Another point to consider before going for a wool loop, is whether you have pets or even small children. Those loops can be a temptation for paws and claws as much as children to pick at!
Carpet fitting from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire - this is the Beachcomber Strand wool loop carpet from Brockway Carpets
Showing: A recent wool loop pile carpet installation we did in Timperley – this is the Beachcomber Strand carpet from Brockway Carpets in colour Driftwood. The colour is very on trend and the chunky loops give the carpet a sumptuous cosy feel.

More about pilling
Pilling is commonly found on loop pile carpets for several reasons. Pilling is the when the top fibres of wool loop carpets tear or break, which is usually caused by abrasive action and leaves a ‘fuzzy’ appearance. As we mentioned before, this can be caused by using the incorrect vacuum when cleaning. But you might also see pilling occur around where furniture is moved or if areas are walked on with certain shoes like boots or trainers. Protect your wool loop carpet by walking on it in socks rather than shoes and try to lift furniture carefully, rather than dragging it across the carpet. If pilling does occur, it can be easily fixed by carefully cutting off pills with scissors. But it’s also important to establish how and why pilling has occurred and remedying it for the future.
Wool loop carpets are great for stairs - like this Riviera Burford Carpet installed by Flooring 4 You in Stockport
Showing: Installed to stairs at a home in Stockport, this is the Riviera Burford carpet a chunky pure-wool loop, one of the thickest and softest wool loops from Riviera.

What is a Berber carpet?
While Berber carpets relate to wool loop carpets, the relevance of the term also comes from the natural multicolour flecks found in the yarn. You can trace the Berber term back to North Africa and an indigenous group of people called the Berbers who used to create hand woven textiles from different parts of the sheep’s coat. Their creations had a distinct knot much like the loops in loop pile carpets, and natural flecks in the yarn. Today Berber carpets are mass produced from a wide variety of materials, not just wool, but are recognisable by their loop pile construction.

You can find samples of wool loop carpets at each of our showrooms – with a great selection of loop thicknesses, colours and patterns from leading suppliers such as Crucial Trading, Brockway Carpets, Edel Telenzo, Alternative Flooring, Riviera Carpets and more. If you know the wool loop you like and would like a price for carpet fitting, contact us for a free survey and estimate today.