Ted Todd Wood Floors in Natural Tones

Over the summer months we installed a few Ted Todd Sherwood plank floors in the Classic Tones collection. It got us thinking about floors with a classic style: woods in warm, natural colours.
If wood floors in natural tones are what you’re after, then find out more about what’s available from Ted Todd.

Classic is timeless

When it comes to choosing your floor type, an engineered wood floor will always bring you an element of ‘classic’. But when it comes to the colour or style of the wood floor, the more classic, natural wood tones are timeless in their look and style. Light golden hues and floors which typify the natural wood look, always look sensational once they are put down. Such floors are also versatile when it comes to styling your interior. Whether your room is light, white, or full of rich colours, wood floors in natural tones will complement your décor. And of course, you can play with the laying pattern. How the wood planks are installed, whether they are laid straight, or you choose a herringbone pattern, will make a big difference to your room.   
Ted Todd Sherwood Classic Tones installed by Flooring 4 You in Timperley

This is the 20mm Sherwood plank in the Ted Todd Classic Tones collection, installed by the Flooring 4 You team in Timperley. The customer wanted the floor in a herringbone pattern without any borders. What makes the Sherwood plank such a popular choice is how versatile it is – it really does work in so many different environments. Plus, with each plank and herringbone block having an almost black edge, the outline is emphasised, giving a really distinctive look. With a floor like Sherwood, you don’t need too many extra details. Plus, the Sherwood floor comes in a choice of five different widths, from 100mm up to 220mm, a choice of two thicknesses, and various lengths. It’s also ideal for use with underfloor heating if you are considering this for your next project.

Ted Todd Classic Tones Collection
If a classic wood floor is definitely for you, then you should take a look at the Ted Todd Classic Tones collection. You won’t be disappointed with the choice in this collection, with 28 colours in a wide range of finishes to choose from. Whether you want a dark or light wood colour, you’ll definitely find something which ticks all the boxes when it comes to natural tones.    
Ted Todd Wettenhall Plank in Classic Tones collection installed by Flooring 4 You in Lymm Cheshire

This is an installation we did a couple of months back at a home in Lymm, where the customer chose the Wettenhall plank in the Classic Tones collection to run across the long landing of their home. The floor has a lovely warm honey colour thanks to it being fumed and then natural oiled. Fuming is an alternative form of staining where the wood is treated to change its colour; it’s also known as smoking, although no smoking is actually involved. With the Wettenhall engineered plank, you get a wood floor bursting with natural characteristics from knots to sap, and colour variation.

Ted Todd Classic Naturals
Another option from Ted Todd when it comes to wood floors in natural tones, is the Classic Naturals collection. Here you get all the beautiful natural tones of wood, in planks which are impressive in size being both super long and super wide.
Ted Todd Huxley plank in the Classic Naturals collection installed by Flooring 4 You Ltd in Knutsford
An example can be seen here - this is the Huxley floor in the Ted Todd Classic Naturals collection, which we installed at a home in Knutsford. This particular plank is 20mm thick, 300mm wide, and an impressive 3m long. Each plank in the collection has been heavily brushed, which is done to highlight the grain detail and give it texture. It is then finished with restoration oil which is what gives the floor its deep shine. What’s good about this finish is that in the future, you can keep the floor looking just as lustre, by restoring it with restoration oil. It’s easy to apply and quick to dry, which makes it a straightforward task to keep your wood floor looking as good as it did when it was first laid.

If you like the look of a wood floor in natural tones, then you should definitely arrange an appointment to come and see the Ted Todd flooring samples at our Knutsford showroom. We have one of the biggest displays of Ted Todd floors in the North West, so you will be sure to find a floor that’s right for you in terms of style, and cost.
We are expert engineered wood floor fitters too, so you can be assured of an excellent installation with our team.
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