Special offer on hand-woven, soft, wool, Chennai carpet and rugs from Jacaranda

As official stockists of Jacaranda carpets and rugs here in Cheshire, we’re pleased to offer a discount on their new Chennai range of hand-woven, soft, warm, wool carpet and rugs. Find out more…

An offer not to be missed
This is a brand-new collection of hand-woven, soft wool rugs from Jacaranda, launched in April this year. What makes it even better is that it is also available as a 4m and 5m broadloom carpet. And we are offering 20% off everything in the collection – both rugs and carpet!
The rugs are available in a choice of 3 popular sizes: 170 x 240cm, 200 x 300cm & 300 x 400cm, with a starting price of £425.
And with the broadloom carpet, the 4m and 5m widths have an RRP of £60m2. We are reducing this to £49.99m2!
Get Jacaranda Chennai Rugs and Carpet from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire

Showing: The Chennai Dunnock rug by Jacaranda

Natural tones for natural products
Being made entirely from pure, undyed wool, and hand-woven using traditional methods, the Chennai rugs and carpet come in a choice of 7 natural colours.
From the light ‘Horseradish’ and ‘Salt’, the colours get slowly darker through to ‘Sparrow’, ‘Owl’ and ‘Dunnock’. With the exception of ‘Salt’, they are all undyed wools. ‘Salt’ has been dyed to achieve a cooler grey.
The subtle colours throughout the collection offer the perfect accompaniment to all types of space and décor. They work next to contemporary fixtures and fittings, and blend right in with more classic surroundings. 
Jacaranda Chennai Rugs and Carpet, colour Cloud, available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire   Jacaranda Chennai Rugs and Carpet, colour Owl, available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire   Jacaranda Chennai Rugs and Carpet, colour Dunnock, available form Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire

Showing: 3 out of the seven colours available in the Chennai rugs and broadloom collection. From left to right are colours ‘Cloud’, ‘Owl’ and ‘Dunnock’.

A labour of love
Many of us care about the provenance of the products we buy and bring into our homes. With the Chennai rugs and carpets from Jacaranda, there is a lot to like. First of all, there’s the hand-woven element. Skilled artisans put in a huge amount of time and effort in the weaving process. Hundreds of bobbins are wound by hand before being manually wrapped around a warping wheel and onto hand-operated wooden looms. No electricity contributes to the process! The edges of these beautiful rugs are hand-sewn with traditional needle and woollen thread. And with both the rugs and broadloom, tip-shearing is done by hand to create a beautiful texture.

What is tip-shearing?
A process that can only be done by hand, tip-shearing is where some of the loops of the carpet are cut, leaving other loops uncut to create a graduation in the pile. It is the difference between the cut pile tufts and the loops which gives a tip-sheared carpet its visual appeal. A graduated pattern and texture are achieved due to the tufts looking darker than the loops. The different levels in this style of carpet are also good for hiding dirt and footprints, too!

Long-lasting properties
This is what you can expect from the Chennai rugs and carpet. But, how can something so soft and luxurious last so long? The beauty of soft, warm wool fibres is that they are also fantastically practical. They are naturally coated in lanolin, which is what gives you stain resistance. The fibres spring back to life more readily than other carpet fibres, which means they lasts better for longer. And then of course, there is the sustainability factor, with the wool being completely renewable and recyclable.
Jacaranda give their products at the time of manufacture, a moth treatment. This means rugs and broadloom in the Chennai carpet collection come with a 5-year anti-moth guarantee.
Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire, stockists and fitters of Jacaranda Chennai Carpets and Rugs

With our 20% discount off the Jacaranda Chennai range, now is a great time to invest in a high-quality, luxurious, soft, warm, wool rug or carpet. We are currently taking pre-booked appointments at our Knutsford flooring showroom where you can see samples of the Chennai collection, as well as other Jacaranda rugs and carpets. Alternatively, we can visit your home safely to carry out a survey, to then quote for the Chennai carpet and its fitting.
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