Open-plan living needs big flooring

We work with an increasing number of homeowners, whether doing a complete new build, re-build or an extension, with plans to open areas of their homes and create modern open-plan living space.  A survey earlier in the year by Houzz shows there’s no let-up in the trend when it comes to open-plan either, so it’s reassuring to know that flooring manufacturers have flooring solutions that help maximise big space.

There are options at every end of the budget scale when it comes to flooring for a large open-plan living area, more of which we share In this blog post. 

Longer, larger laminate planks from Quick-Step
Quick-Step launched a new range of extra-long and extra-wide laminate flooring planks with the Majestic range, back at the start of this year.  At just over 2 metres long and 24cm wide, and therefore fewer joints between them, the planks really do bring spacious ambience to a large room. 

Showing: Quick-Step Majestic MJ3554 – Valley oak light beige.

Ideal for open-plan kitchen dining areas or large bathrooms, the Majestic range comes with Quick-Step’s unique Hydroseal water-repellent coating for the ultimate in water resistance.  And there’s no holding back on design – the Majestic floors are a stunning collection of laminate flooring that take the best of natural wood, recreating its style and grooves authentically in a tough, hard-wearing laminate.

Compatible with underfloor heating? YES

The biggest vinyl plank from Karndean Design Flooring
Last year, Karndean introduced their longest ever luxury vinyl plank in the new LooseLay collection, called LooseLay Longboard.  The planks are a metre and a half long and 25cm wide, with a 4.5mm thickness and 0.55m wear layer, making them the perfect low maintenance option for busy family homes with large open spaces.  When it comes to open-plan, it’s all about making an impact and with the choice of twelve woods in the collection, each with the intricate details found in the original woods that inspired the range, there’s no doubting a fabulous finish.

Showing: Karndean Looselay Longboard LLP310 – Champagne Oak

The other important point to mention with the Karndean LooseLay Longboard is the different installation process compared to other Karndean products.  The LooseLay boards with their friction grip backing are quick and easy to install, so a good choice if you are working to tight builders’ deadlines; once laid, any damaged planks in the future can be easily replaced without taking up the whole floor.  And with easier installation comes reduced installation costs, helping to bring your project in line with budgets. 

Compatible with underfloor heating? YES

Big floors for big spaces from Ted Todd
The crème de la crème of flooring for large spaces comes by way of Ted Todd’s Superwide 300mm-wide, 3.5-metre long engineered planks in a 2-ply construction with an extra thick 6mm hardwood wear layer.  As Ted Todd say, “these are statement floors for statement projects”, so if you are looking to accentuate big, open spaces and help maximise the impact of your interior design, the Superwide planks from Ted Todd will take your flooring to a whole new dimension.

Showing: Ted Todd Superwide engineered planks installed to a home in London.

Quality is everything with Ted Todd floors and the Superwide collection is no exception with only slow-grown FSC® certified European oak sourced for its construction, to ensure the oak loses its natural tensions, allowing the wider planks’ optimal stability.  With a range of tones available to suit a modern or traditional open-plan living environment, the visible grain patterns in the flooring will delight, thanks to Ted Todd’s delicate, intricate process of hand-brushing the wood to highlight the oak’s natural patterns.  Larger planks and fewer seams result in a simple yet stunning Superwide finish.

If you are in the process of designing an open-plan space for your home, come and see us to talk through your designs and the flooring options to best match your interior and your budget.  We are accustomed to working alongside building teams and other tradesmen to make sure your flooring is laid at the right time, in line with the rest of your home build or extension plans.
For more information about any of the flooring collections we have mentioned here, you can see samples at all our showrooms across the Cheshire region.  Or for a free on-site survey, or questions about flooring, send us an email and we’ll come back to you.