New Amtico Form LVT Flooring for 2021

Our Amtico flooring stands will be getting an update with the new Amtico Form LVT flooring styles which launched this week.
If you are looking for a new Amtico LVT floor, we should have the new samples here in time for when our showrooms are allowed to open again. Meanwhile, read on to find out what’s new in the Amtico Form collection for 2021.

Fifteen new woods
Amtico have given their Form LVT collection a significant update with the addition of fifteen new wood effect styles. That means more choice for you in this range of high-quality LVT which comes at a lower price point compared to the Signature collection. Amtico Form has a 0.7mm wear layer with Amtico’s natural wood grain emboss which gives the LVT a textured appearance and a distinctive, authentic look. It’s perfect if you want the look of wood but all the practicalities that LVT flooring has to offer. From being easy to clean and maintain, to being warm underfoot, Amtico Form will undoubtedly look fabulous in the space you choose.

Taking a closer look at the new Amtico Form LVT wood colours available, there is something for every interior style and finish. If you want lighter, softer neutral tones in your floor, from soft greys to soft oaks then you should definitely take a look at Dusted Oak, Seaboard Oak, Shell Oak, and Cowrie Oak. Or maybe you want to take your floor a shade darker, edging towards the more traditional oak effect, but keeping the palette on the light side, then see Fawn Oak and Eventide Oak.

Amtico Form Eventide Oak available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire
Showing: Amtico Form Eventide Oak in the new small parquet, seen here in a herringbone laying pattern.

Grey floors remain a popular choice in many homes and Amtico Form has acknowledged this with the addition of four wonderful grey colours in Gotland Oak, Strand Oak, Bergen Oak, and the darkest of them all in Dimmet Oak. If a more traditional oak coloured floor is the look you’re going for, then see Amber Oak, Boardwalk Oak, or Skerry Oak, which all exude richness and warmth. For something richer and darker, then Bister Oak and Kalmar Oak are definitely worth taking a look at.
Amtico Form Gotland Oak in Basket Weave pattern is available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire
Showing: Amtico Form Gotland Oak in the new Basket Weave laying pattern.

Two new Stone Colours
To complement the four stone colours which were already in the Amtico Form collection, there are two new stone designs available. Each of the new stones feature Amtico’s Ceramic Emboss effect for a more authentic stone look and feel. The new stone colour Sepia is wonderfully light, striking, and incredibly versatile. It will look great in kitchens and bathrooms, whether paired with a modern or traditional interior. Then there’s Cinder, a bold stone floor, with the look of volcanic ash which will be sure to create a dramatic look in any room.
Amtico Form Cinder, a stone effect LVT tile, is available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire
Showing: Amtico Form Cinder, a stone effect LVT tile which comes in a Pavestone laying pattern as seen here.

New laying patterns
When it comes to LVT and a great looking floor, it’s about more than just the colour and the look of the floor. Another element which can help to take a floor to the next level is how it is laid, or the laying pattern. And what is great about Amtico is the choice of laying patterns available in their LVT floors. Now, Amtico Form brings just that: a greater choice of exciting pattern formats for you to choose from when you’re designing your space.
Depending on the colourway of the floor in the Amtico Form collection, there is now a Basket Weave pattern and a large and small Parquet pattern for the wood floors. For the LVT stone effect floors, there is a Pavestone pattern, and an exciting Hex laying pattern. Yes, Hex is a hexagonal shaped stone LVT, which will bring a new dimension to any space. 
Amtico Form Opal Stone LVT flooring is available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire
Showing: The Amtico Form Opal stone LVT in the new Hex laying pattern.

Whether you want rustic textures, timeless designs, or on-trend tones, you’ll find something in the Amtico Form collection. Plus, the flooring is perfect for modern living. You can also rest assured that all these floors come with a 30-year warranty.

If you are looking for a new floor and have been thinking LVT, make sure to come and see us when our showrooms are back open. You can take a closer look at the new Amtico Form colours and see the laying patterns they are available in. Contact us for a free estimate for Amtico flooring today.