Mohawk SmartStrand – the most functional carpet on the market?


When people come to us for new carpet, especially those with a larger family, children and pets, we’re often asked for something that will last, that won’t stain, delivers on style yet is still soft and comfortable.  Sounds a lot to ask for in one product, right?  But it’s everything you get with SmartStrand Forever Clean from America-based Mohawk Flooring – a new carpet we shall soon be offering, with samples on display in our Knutsford showroom.  

It’s a truly extraordinary carpet
It’s a bold claim to state that a carpet is the most durable, easiest to clean on the planet and comes with an ‘All Pet™ Protection and warranty’, but SmartStrand Forever Clean does just that.  The guys at Mohawk Flooring have not only mastered the technology to use the most advanced, innovative fibres to make the carpet, but they’ve done some serious product testing to back their statement up.

The secret’s in the science
When it comes to longevity and keeping the carpet’s bounce for years to come, SmartStrand Forever Clean uses an innovative fibre with spring-like shaped molecules, engineered to resist matting and crushing.
And it’s thanks to an advanced protection system that completely encapsulates the carpet fibres and creates an impenetrable barrier, that dirt and spills will never settle to become carpet stains. 
All of this is done without sacrificing on the sought-after softness you want from a carpet for your home.  The SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean range packs 700 silk-like fibres into just one strand of yarn to give it that luxurious feel and good as new appearance over time.

  Say goodbye to smells
  Stains are one thing with carpet, but smells are harder to manage, especially when dirt builds up in carpet fibres.  And with pets in the          home, it can be even more difficult to keep your carpet fragrant fresh.  Liquid spills carry impurities which can lead to musty, stale odours
 but with SmartStrand Forever Clean, accidents and dirt can be easily cleaned up, leaving nothing but a pure carpet
  How do we know it works?
  Mohawk went one step further with its product testing and introduced The SmartStrand Challenge to demonstrate the durability and   superior cleaning properties of the carpet.  From laying the carpet within the rhino enclosure at a zoo for two weeks to inviting guests at events to pour condiments on the carpet, each time the carpet was cleaned by hot water extraction afterwards to show how well it stands up to the toughest conditions and remains stain free.  And with generous product warranties on offer from Mohawk, they are confident in their carpet’s ability.

 The eco-friendly corn carpet
 And if you thought all these wonderful things about Mohawk SmartStrand weren’t enough, there’s the added extra of it being eco-  friendly, often known as the ‘corn carpet’ thanks to 37% of it being made from corn glucose, replacing the typical petroleum-based  elements.  Kinder to the environment, it’s kinder to your family too.

 If you’re looking for a stain-resistant carpet that’s easy to clean and good for the environment, come and browse the Mohawk  SmartStrand samples which will be available in our Knutsford showroom towards the end of this month.  Available in 4m and 5m lengths, prices start from £25.99m² and from the many benefits to be had, will be worth every penny.