Luxury Carpets and Rugs from Jacaranda Carpets

Our display stand of luxury carpets and rugs from Jacaranda Carpets has been updated at our Knutsford showroom. If you are looking for carpet, or a rug, with a luxuriously soft, velvet-like appearance and texture, then you’ll love the products from Jacaranda. As well as the very best textures, you can expect high-quality handwoven finishes, sustainable fibres, and some wonderful colours to bring your interiors to life. Find out more…

The quality of Jacaranda
What makes products from Jacaranda so special are the materials and manufacturing techniques used. The beautiful carpets and rugs are made in India, and always with environmental and ethical practices in mind. Natural fibres are used, like wool, which is natural, renewable, and biodegradable. To create the shine in carpets and rugs, they handweave using the botanic fibre TENCEL™.
Many Jacaranda products are woven on traditional, hand-operated wooden looms. The process is very labour intensive, but it is done right at Jacaranda, to ensure safe working conditions for all, and that no children are involved in the supply chain. Jacaranda in fact supports GoodWeave, an international organisation which was founded to stop child labour in the handmade rug industry. As well as unannounced factory checks, GoodWeave supports adults and children in weaving communities. Even today, as the virus takes its toll on India, GoodWeave is helping to provide urgent medical help, food aid, and awareness of the virus. Jacaranda has contributed to the GoodWeave’s Coid-1 Children and Worker Protection Fund, which you can also do here.

Jacaranda Carpets Chennai in Sparrow installed by Cheshire floor fitters Flooring 4 You in Knutsford
This is Chennai, a hand-woven wool carpet from Jacaranda Carpets installed at a home in Knutsford by the Flooring 4 You team. The colour shown is Sparrow.

Updated collection from Jacaranda Carpets
We have quite a big display stand showcasing all the Jacaranda Carpets and Rugs options here at our Knutsford showroom. And it was recently updated to include the latest styles and colours which Jacaranda have introduced to the market, including the new Arani and Almora collections. Whether you are looking for something a little special and luxurious for your own home, or you are an interior designer keen to see how Jacaranda Carpets will work in your client projects, book an appointment to see us today.
Luxury Carpets at Flooring 4 You Ltd in Knutsford, Cheshire - this is the updated Jacaranda Carpets stand
Here is the Jacaranda Carpets stand at our Knutsford flooring showroom, where we have the very best flooring products spread out over two floors.

Velvet luxury with Jacaranda Arani
Look closely at the new Arani floorcovering from Jacaranda in the picture below and you will see its beautiful, velvety linear structure. This has been achieved by weaving shiny TENCEL™ yarn over metal rods to form lines of loops, on traditional, hand-operated looms. Someone then carefully cuts by hand each other line to leave a line of super soft velvet. Arani comes in ten different natural shades such as Iron (seen below) and Teal Blue, to lighter shades of Platinum and Snow.
For something super soft under your feet, Arani comes in either a 4 or 5m broadloom carpet, or you can order it one of 5 stocked rug sizes. Contact us to find out more!

Velvet luxury floorcovering from Jacaranda Carpets - the Arani carpet or rug is available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire
The velvet-like Arani with its fabulous lustrous lines, seen here in colour Iron, can be ordered as a carpet or rug.

A bit of brightness from Jacaranda
If you’re looking for some colour to go with your super soft carpet or rug, then you’re in luck. There are a couple of options from Jacaranda which you must see.
First up is the new Almora collection of carpets and rugs, which combines soft colours of red, orange, yellow, blue, and green, with Jacaranda’s trademark natural greys and beiges. The result is an intriguing blend of colour, which will look great in spaces such as bedrooms, lounges, even home offices. You can choose to go big with wall to wall carpet or fill the space with a rug to your chosen size. The Almora collection is handwoven from the botanic, soft, lustrous TENCEL™, so you can guarantee softness under your feet.
Luxury carpets & rugs from Jacaranda Carpets are available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire, including the Almora collection as seen here
Shown here is Almora in a rug, in colour Jade, which creates wonderful tones.

Another option for colour with Jacaranda Carpets is the handwoven Satara collection, which while it has been available for the last couple of years deserves a mention for its fabulous choice of 18 different colours. We are talking emerald greens, deep blues, lighter blues, and golden tones – the kind of colours which are being included in interiors for an extra touch of richness and warmth. In the Satara collection, each colour comes available in a 4m width broadloom carpet, and four different sized rugs. Although, as with any of the Jacaranda rugs, you can have a rug made to order to the size you want.
Handwoven luxury carpets & rugs available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Knutsford Cheshire, including the Santara collection from Jacaranda Carpets

Here is the handwoven Jacaranda Satara rug in colour Gold, which makes a wonderful impression in any room.

More about TENCEL™
As we have mentioned in this blog, a lot of the Jacaranda products are made using TENCEL™ yarns.
TENCEL™ is a natural fibre. It is spun from cellulose which reflects the light to look like silk. The end result is that the Jacaranda carpet and rug collections shine and shimmer, as much as feel super soft to the touch.  As the pile in these floorcoverings crushes and moves, light is reflected which gives them the appearance of silk velvet.  While TENCEL™ wears better than a floorcovering made from viscose, it is still not recommended for wet or heavy traffic areas, such as hallways or entrances where wet feet may pass through.  For any of Jacaranda’s carpets and rugs made using TENCEL™, we recommend them for low traffic rooms such as lounges, snugs, or bedrooms.

Shiny like silk carpets & rugs from Jacaranda Carpets available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire, including the Sikkim collection as seen here, made from hand-woven pure TENCEL
Look how wonderful this bespoke rug shines and shimmers - the rug comes from the Jacaranda Carpets Sikkim collection, seen here in colour Snow. 

Visit our Knutsford showroom to see the Jacaranda Carpet and Rug samples. Come and feel the softness of the textures for yourself. Or call us to find out more about the stocked luxury rugs available, to book a free quotation for Jacaranda Carpet for your home.