Karndean New Knight Tile Designs

Karndean have added some new contemporary woods and stones to their Knight Tile collection earlier this year, all of which are now available at our Cheshire flooring showrooms.  The versatile collection of authentic planks and tiles are perfect for homes large and small.  Here’s more about the styles…    

Simply Scandi
The Scandi style in home interiors remains popular thanks to its natural look and feel, and versatility.  Now, for the first time since the Knight Tile collection was launched, Karndean’s popular LVT range features styles inspired by Scandinavian design.  There are three designs under the sought after Scandi umbrella, each with the authentic tight grain and natural slow growing properties typically found in this natural wood.  They include, Natural Scandi Pine, Grey Scandi Pine and Washed Scandi Pine, all perfect for any contemporary space.
Karndean Knight Tile Grey Scandi Pine KP131 luxury vinyl tile available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire
Showing: The new Knight Tile Grey Scandi Pine KP131 plank replicates Northern Scandinavian Pine with a grey wash to enhance the grain details for an added touch of character.  The balanced selection of planks in this style are ideal for a calming space.
Karndean Knight Tile KP132 Washed Scandi Pine LVT plank available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire
Showing: Knight Tile KP132 Washed Scandi Pine has a striking, crisp white washed effect – the perfect neutral canvas for any room, it also makes your space look brighter and feel airier.  

Greys of distinction
Grey floors continue to be fashionable in homes, especially the lighter tones, again thanks to their versatility in modern spaces. Whether a small hint or a greater amount of grey is wanted in a space, Karndean’s new Knight Tile LVT wood effect planks offer a grey flooring tone for all.  To make a cool, contemporary statement is Urban Spotted Gum with its modern twist on a traditional design.  Karndean have worked together the look of traditional Australian Spotted Gum with the fresh, grey tones found in woods of Northern Europe and America.  The final finish is quite something as you can see below.
Karndean KP141 Urban Spotted Gum, the perfect LVT for modern homes, available from Flooring 4 You Ltd
Showing: Karndean KP141 Urban Spotted Gum laid to a herringbone pattern, the perfect LVT flooring for a modern home.

Karndean KP138 Grey Limed Oak with its wash of grey hues, available from Flooring 4 You Ltd
Showing: Karndean KP138 Grey Limed Oak with its wash of grey hues, it makes the perfect backdrop to any interior, working well with most décor. 

Smaller planks to mix and match
There’s a growing trend to match designs across rooms – take for example a hallway with a parquet floor that leads into an open plan kitchen with planks, you can now continue the same design through both areas, despite the different laying formats.  Karndean now offers the flexibility to do this within the Knight Tile collection by introducing smaller 18” x 3” plank designs with the Washed Scandi Pine, Grey Limed Oak, Pale Limed Oak and Lime Washed Oak designs.  These smaller planks can be laid alongside the larger 36” x 6” full length planks to create matching designs through different living spaces.  We’re sure you’re as excited as we are with the extra choice for creating your dream floor.
Karndean Lime Washed Oak in the new smaller 18” x 3” planks, available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshiree
Showing: Lime Washed Oak in the smaller 18” x 3” planks, which have been laid here in a herringbone pattern for extra room style.  We love the bleached driftwood effect that comes with Lime Washed Oak – it fills the room with so much character.

A shade away from grey
If all that grey or more traditional brown oak colour isn’t for you, check out the new Rose Washed Oak planks which feature a slightly more worn lime-washed look with an authentic surface texture and pattern variation. The slightly pink and rosy tones throughout, give an unexpected alternative to brown and grey floors and look great when paired with soft pastels and neutrals across the room. Rose Washed Oak planks are available in a wider than usual format of 36" x 6".
Karndean Knight Tile KP95 Rose Washed Oak luxury vinyl, available from Flooring 4 You Ltd
Showing: Karndean Knight Tile KP95 Rose Washed Oak planks, which are also available in a wider than usual, 36” x 6” format.

Slate effect stones
And enough about woods, if it’s a stone tile effect LVT you’re after, you’ll be pleased to know there are three new additions to the Knight Tile Collection, each with a varying degree of shade and all with an exquisite finish.  To create the new Honed Oyster Slate tile, the Karndean design team sourced by hand, unique pieces of 300-million-year-old volcanic slate.  These were given a smoother surface to let the stunning fractured detail shone through for an extraordinary neutral design.
If you want to be on trend with a grey floor but in a stone effect, the new Grey Riven Slate tile is perfect for both modern and traditional spaces.  The authentic stormy grey tiles perfectly replicate the smooth, undulating surface of the natural stone.  Meanwhile, for a dark stone effect, Black Riven Slate is ideal with its somewhat bewitching charcoal tones.  The authentic gentle undulating effect of the tile gives it real depth, making it as much stylish as it is practical for any kitchen or bathroom space.  Add design strips and borders based on your taste and how you want your final flooring to look.
Karndean Knight Tile ST17 Honed Oyster Slate stone effect tile available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire
Showing: Karndean Knight Tile ST17 Honed Oyster Slate which can be paired with dark design strips (as seen here) for a more striking effect, or a lighter strip if subtlety is what you’re after.  But you don’t have to have any strips if you don’t want them, the variation between the tiles is enough to create a stunning overall finish.  Seen here the tiles have been laid with a matching Windsor border, which is again optional.

If you’re liking some of the new Karndean Knight Tile designs seen here, then why not visit one of our showrooms to take a closer look at our Karndean flooring displays.  Get a feel for the right colours and the size of the planks.  You can also book a free estimate with us for Karndean flooring for your space – either contact us to arrange yours today or ask one of our professional flooring assistants when you visit!  And watch this space for more information about new luxury vinyl flooring from Karndean, as we look at the latest designs to be added across other ranges…