Karndean Heritage now at our Knutsford flooring showroom

Yes! We’ve revamped our Karndean LVT offering once more to bring you the new Karndean Heritage collection, available now at our Knutsford flooring showroom. Find out more about the new collection.

Inspired by architectural grandeur

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Karndean Heritage collection is reminiscent of the tiled floors which once featured in grand Victorian and Regency homes and townhouses. Think exquisite designs, mosaic effect tiles and classic elegance. This is exactly what Karndean Heritage offers, all in a high-quality LVT as you’d expect from any other Karndean floor. Heritage has everything from striking monochrome designs to the more traditional patterns in tasteful, colour combinations.
Karndean Heritage Mayfair available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Knutsford Cheshire

Showing: Karndean Heritage Mayfair MAYF-01 in a colour combination of Dove Grey, Terracotta, Lace, Azure and Nero tiles.

Choose from four tile patterns
There are four tile patterns to choose from in the Heritage collection. As well as the Mayfair pattern (seen in the image above), there is also Clifton, Lansdown and Montpellier. These tile patterns can be purchased for your home in the colours you see on the samples in the showroom.  Alternatively, you can mix and match from the Heritage coloured tiles, and others, to create your own version of that floor finish. But before we look at that, here’s a quick run through of the different patterns and the colours available.

Mayfair – A traditional pattern from the entrance halls of Victorian homes. Achieve a classic look with the Dove Grey, Terracotta and Lace, or Nero and Lace colour combinations. Or for a floor that’s a little more modern in colour, there’s MAYF-02 in Crimson, Azure, Gold, Lace and Nero.

Clifton – Square and triangular tiles are used together to create a timeless, classic pattern: the star and square effect. The result looks very stylish in traditional black and white as much as other colour combinations featuring dove grey and azure blue shades, with soft-white and black highlights.

Lansdown – If you like a clean, modern look then Lansdown will suit with its grid effect which looks fabulous in an elegant black and white colour scheme or highlighted with a coloured inset. Change it up and swap grey for black, for a softer, more understated version, as seen in LANS-02.

Montpellier – Neo-classical and opulent in style, Montpellier is a mixture of octagonal tiles with square insets. There’s a choice of eight different colours in this style. Team up traditional colours such as terracotta, black and white for something more classic. Or go more contemporary with pink, grey, taupe or blue shades, such as MONT-05.

Karndean Heritage Clifton available at Flooring 4 You Ltd in Knutsford Cheshire
Showing: Karndean Heritage Clifton CLIF-04 with a mix of square and triangular tiles in the striking colour combination of Dove Grey, Azure, Lace and Nero.

Design your own floor
With the new Heritage collection, you can use the different shapes and colours of the tiles available to create your own floor. So, if any of the colour combinations in the collection aren’t to your liking, you can adjust them to suit. There are ten solid colours to choose from: Baby Blue V11, Azure V12, Laurel V13, Blush V14, Gold V15, Crimson V16, Taupe V17, Terracotta V18, Dove Grey V19, and Lace V20. Two of the Opus stone effect designs can also be used in combination with your Heritage floor, these are Luna and Nero.
But, feel free to
arrange to see us at our Knutsford showroom to find out more, see the colours, and understand how to create your own Karndean Heritage floor.
Karndean Heritage Montpellier available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Knutsford Cheshire

Showing: Karndean Heritage Montpellier MONT-06 in a combination of colours Azure and Lace.

Borders and design features
Any classic design needs to be framed, and you can do just that with Karndean Heritage. There’s a great selection of border design options available. Some are compatible with specific floor styles. For example, the 4” Diamond Border is only compatible with Montpellier. While the 3” Brick Border is compatible with all styles.

And if you didn’t want all your floor to be Karndean Heritage, but instead you wanted to create a centrepiece in a particular Heritage style, we can do that too.
Karndean Heritage Lansdown available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Knutsford Cheshire

Showing: Karndean Heritage Lansdown LANS-02 in Dove Grey and Lace, with a brick border.

Where do Heritage floors work?
Being a Karndean floor, a Heritage floor will work perfectly in any busy room of the house where a high-performance floor is needed. So, whether that’s the hallway, kitchen or bathroom, the hard-wearing and waterproof elements of Karndean flooring will prevail. Each individual tile in the Heritage collection looks as realistic as Victorian tiles, thanks to the bevelled edges. The only difference with a Karndean Heritage floor is that it’s far easier to maintain and look after, plus it resists spills and stains.
Karndean Heritage Mayfair floor installed by Flooring 4 You Ltd at a home in Hale

Showing: A Karndean Heritage installation we did at a home in Hale in July 2020 – it’s Mayfair MAYF-01 with a diamond border.

If you would like to see samples or start creating a Karndean Heritage floor for your home, contact us today to make an initial 1-hour appointment at our Knutsford showroom. We’re currently only taking appointments to stay Covid-safe, which is being welcomed by our customers who know they can browse our showroom safely and get allotted time with a flooring expert. We look forward to hearing from you!