Jacaranda Luxury Carpets and Rugs in Cheshire

For the ultimate in luxury floorcoverings, you must see the Jacaranda carpets and rugs at our new Knutsford showroom. It’s not just the feel of a carpet which gives it the luxury factor, it’s also how ethical and sustainable it is too. And Jacaranda Carpets tick all the boxes. Find out more…

The biggest display of Jacaranda Carpets in Cheshire
Since we moved to a new showroom in Knutsford, we are able to bring you bigger displays of the very best flooring products. And we now have one of the biggest displays of Jacaranda Carpets in the region, dedicating a whole section of our Knutsford flooring showroom to the wonderful products.

Here we have samples of all the Jacaranda Carpets and Rugs on display. So, whether you want wall to wall carpet, carpet for the stairs, or a rug made, we can help you choose, and share samples. In fact, our flooring showroom in Knutsford is the best place to compare fabrics, check colours, and work off property plans and drawings.

And when you come to browse Jacaranda carpets with us, you can even get a real feel for one of the products as we have laid the silk like Santushti carpet in colour Fossil in front of one of the display stands.
The Jacaranda Carpets stand at the Flooring 4 You showroom in Knutsford - it's one of the biggest display stands of Jacaranda products in Cheshire

Here’s what our Jacaranda carpets and rugs area in Knutsford looks like. All the collections are here, including the brand new Mandalay Silk, Jacaranda’s first collection made from real silk.

50% of Jacaranda Carpets and Rugs feature TENCEL™
When you browse Jacaranda products, you will notice around 50% of their whole collection features a material called TENCEL™. The branded, trademarked lyocell semi-synthetic fibre is one of the most sustainable fabrics used in fashion and textiles, favoured for its softness and strength. It is made from wood pulp from sustainable grown forests using revolutionary environmentally responsible processes. The result is incredibly soft and shiny fibres, which when used to make carpets and rugs, give them a silk-like texture which reflect the light beautifully.       
You will notice that Jacaranda carpets and rugs made using TENCEL™ shine and shimmer, as much as feel super soft to touch. As the pile in these floorcoverings crushes and moves, light is reflected which gives them the appearance of silk velvet.
One thing to note is that while TENCEL™ wears better than a floorcovering made from viscose, it is still not recommended for wet or heavy traffic areas. We wouldn’t recommend carpets or rugs made using TENCEL™ for hallways or entrances where wet feet may pass through. Instead, we recommend them for low traffic rooms such as lounges, stairs, or bedrooms.
The Jacaranda Simla carpet, a deep dense pile velvet carpet installed by Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire
This is the Jacaranda Simla carpet, a deep dense pile velvet carpet which has been hand-woven and made from 100% TENCEL. Our carpet fitting team installed this in a lounge for a customer in Cheshire. You can see how it beautifully reflects the light.

Truly ethical carpets and rugs from Jacaranda
Jacaranda do not compromise when it comes to sustainability and ethical procedures and processes. You can rest assured when you buy any Jacaranda floorcovering products that they are made with a strong focus on the environment. That and the people involved in the production of the carpets and rugs are treated fairly.
All Jacaranda products carry the GUT-PRODIS rating, which represents the continuous development of environmental standards in the textile floor covering industry. By having the GUT label, you know Jacaranda’s products are guaranteed to meet the high environmental standards set by the strict GUT criteria. And it’s not just the environment, products with the GUT label also protect the consumer with regards pollutants, odours, and VOCs. 
Many of the Jacaranda products are woven on traditional, hand-operated wooden looms, which is a very labour intensive process.
However, it is always done right at Jacaranda to ensure safe working conditions for all. In fact, Jacaranda is a member of an initiative called GoodWeave, which ensures all their staff are well treated and no children are involved in production processes. They never know when GoodWeave inspectors may turn up. And did you know? The founder of GoodWeave, Indian activist Kailash Satyarthi was recognized for all his efforts in eradicating child labour from production, with the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.

The Jacaranda Chennai carpet in colour Salt installed by Flooring 4 You Ltd at a home in Cheshire
We’ve shared this close up of a Jacaranda carpets installation we did in Mobberley. This is the Jacaranda Chennai carpet in colour Salt. It is handwoven from 100% renewable wool in a random pattern of loops. The deep, dense, wool pile of the carpet gives it lovely texture as well as providing insulation and sound absorption.

Jacaranda is known for its neutral colours
Jacaranda is well known for its trademark natural colour palette. Most of the collections feature more natural tones from greys to beiges and creams. And these tend to be the more popular choice for carpets. We certainly notice customers prefer the neutral shades when they buy Jacaranda carpets from us.
However, if you do like colour there are some more vibrant shades in the Satara, Kheri, and Almora collections. We find the bold statement colours from Jacaranda make for good made-to-measure rugs, where you can create a visual centrepiece in a room.

The Jacaranda Jaspur carpet in colour Heron installed to stairs at a Knutsford home by Flooring 4 You Ltd
This is a staircase we carpeted for a customer in Cheshire. They chose the Jacaranda Jaspur carpet in the natural colour Heron. It’s a rich, smooth velvet carpet hand-woven from 100% pure wool.

New real silk carpets feature in the Jacaranda collection this year
Yes, Jacaranda Carpets have added some real silk carpets to their collection, and we have the samples here at Flooring 4 You in Knutsford. The Mandalay Silk carpet combines the softness and shine of silk with the strength and practicality of wool. This 40% silk and 60% wool blend carpet has been hand-woven to give a smooth velvet finish. It really is pure luxury beneath your feet!
An example sample of the Jacaranda Mandalay Silk carpet which you can find on display at Flooring 4 You Ltd in Knutsford Cheshire
Here is an example of the new Mandalay Silk carpet from Jacaranda which you can see at our flooring showroom in Knutsford. We’ve shown you a picture of colour Grayling, but there are nine other colours available, six of them being lighter neutral tones.

Whether you are looking for something soft and luxurious for your own home, or you are an interior designer keen to see how Jacaranda Carpets will work in your client projects, visit us at our new Knutsford showroom. Come and feel the softness of the Jacaranda Carpets textures for yourself!
Alternatively, book a free quotation for Jacaranda Carpets for your home with us