Get the look - chevron parquet floors

Parquet flooring continues to be very popular in homes. Whether it’s herringbone, chevron, basket weave or another pattern that resonates with the classic designs which once graced the floors of 16th century French chateaux. It’s certainly one of our bestselling floor styles and our fitting teams install a lot of parquet at homes across the Cheshire region. A lot of the parquet flooring we fit is mostly LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) or engineered hardwood as they are the most widely available. However, these flooring formats can be expensive, which is why we’re introducing a new alternative in the sought-after chevron pattern.

Chevron vs herringbone
Before we delve into all about the new chevron pattern floors we will have available, here’s a reminder of the difference between a parquet floor in a chevron pattern compared to a herringbone one. They both have that ‘zigzag’ look about them, which is why they are easily confused.
With a chevron floor, the planks come to a point almost like a ‘V’ shape at the top of each of the zigzags. The ends of each piece of a chevron floor are cut at a 45-degree angle to allow for the ‘V’ shape and the chevron pattern. The herringbone parquet has a more veritable zigzag, with an ‘up and down’ pattern. The ends of the planks are cut to a 90-degree angle and are laid in a more staggered fashion.  
Quick Step Parquet Chevron floor installed in Timperley by Flooring 4 You Ltd 

 A Ted Todd warehouse Sugar Cane parquet floor installed by Flooring 4 You
Showing: To the top,
 a chevron floor and below, a herringbone pattern parquet floor – both installations completed by Flooring 4 You. 

Why parquet is at the top end of the budget
Currently, the widest choice of parquet flooring comes in LVT or engineered wood formats, as we mentioned at the start. Both these types of flooring can be at the top end of the budget for the product alone, and then of course there are the installation costs to consider. With LVT or engineered wood, each parquet block is placed individually with precision perfect angles and lines - it’s a time-consuming process, which is reflected in the fitting costs. When it comes to chevron floors, because the cut of the parquet block is at a different angle to allow for the ‘V’ shape laying pattern, there’s often less choice of colours and styles too. 

So, how can you get a chevron floor at a good price?
We have a new collection of flooring on its way to our Knutsford showroom – it’s a collection of laminate floors in a chevron pattern, which will be ideal if you want a parquet floor but don’t have a massive budget.
Costs are saved because the laminate floors come in large 1184mm (length) x 293.4mm (width) pieces, which means there’s less installation time. Plus, they are easily put down and lined together with a ‘click installation’ system. The finish is seamless, allowing for continuing pattern across a room with inter plank continuity and a micro bevel features for extra authenticity. 
Faus laminate cream chevron click parquet floor coming soon to Flooring 4 You Ltd
Showing: Faus Laminate flooring, Cream Chevron in the Masterpieces collection.

Faus laminate chevron floors are waterproof
There are many benefits to the chevron patterned laminate floors from Faus, as well as being easier to install, they are also waterproof. That means you can carry the chevron pattern through from the hallway into the kitchen or across an open plan living area without worrying about damaging the floor. The planks are all HDF water repellent, which makes them ideal for use in high humidity environments such as kitchens and bathrooms.
Faus laminate grey chevron click parquet floor coming soon to Flooring 4 You Ltd
Showing: Faus Laminate flooring, Grey Chevron in the Masterpieces collection.

Choose your colour of Faus laminate chevron floor
You can choose from ten colours in the Faus laminate Masterpieces collection, from the darker tones of vintage and noyer chevron, to modern greys and more traditional colours with natural and casual chevron. They can all be used with underfloor heating and have that ‘real feel’ wood texture, bringing you the look and feel of a parquet chevron floor, all at a fraction of the price. 
Faus Laminate flooring, Natural Chevron click parquet floors coming soon to Flooring 4 You in Cheshire
Showing: Faus Laminate flooring, Natural Chevron in the Masterpieces collection

Faus laminate flooring will be coming very soon to our Knutsford showroom – keep an eye out on our social media channels for news of when it lands! And if you have a bigger budget to spend on a parquet chevron floor, then you can always find options with Amtico, Ted Todd or Quick-Step engineered flooring, which again you can find samples of in our Knutsford showroom