Flooring solutions for landlords

Flooring can be a huge headache for landlords with rental properties – what type should you go for, how much do you spend, will it get ruined, how often will you need to replace it?  The list of questions can go on and on.  In this blog post, we lend our expertise to the best flooring options for landlords to consider, looking beyond the cost alone and exploring quality, first impressions and what’s in fashion. 

Is cheapest the best choice?
Most landlords we speak to ask for the cheapest carpet possible for rooms in their properties because they know it won’t get looked after and they’ll be replacing it once their tenants vacate.        
That’s fair enough and carpet is the best low cost option as it’s quick and easy to replace.  Even the most budget carpets are very durable being made of synthetic fibres so they can withstand a few months without masses of TLC, and with felt backed carpets there’s no need for underlay, making replacing and fitting them even cheaper. 

Showing: Supertex Stex VIP, a collection felt backed, 100% polypropylene carpet that can be bleach cleaned, popular with landlords – available from £7.99m².

Invest in more hardwearing
But, we also get just as many landlords enquire after a carpet that’s more hard-wearing and durable.  They want something that might cost a little more but that will last longer and looks better quality.  It might be that the home is being let out on a longer lease or it’s a larger property with a bigger family living in it, so the carpets needs to be able to stand up to a bit more punishment. 
At the same time, the property value might determine the type of carpet required.  A property at the bottom end of the rental market can get away with the cheapest carpet available, while those demanding more than £1,500 per month will be expected to offer something a little more luxurious.  But that doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank – we have plenty of high quality carpet choice that looks good and performs well, but is affordable for rented properties.

Showing: Cormar Carpets Primo Choice range of easy-clean heather twist carpet with stain resistant fibres, available in 4m and 5m widths in a choice of 12 colours, suitable for heavy domestic environments and available for only £15.99m².

The difference a new carpet makes
While there’s no hard or fast rules about how often a carpet should be changed in a rented property, it’s important to consider the difference a brand new carpet can make on securing a new tenancy.  No matter how clean previous tenants have been, once everyone has moved out and all the rooms are empty, you can see furniture marks, colour fade becomes more obvious and there will be a smell left behind, especially with synthetic carpets.  Of course, a full, deep carpet clean could do the trick, but for the sake of securing a new tenant as quickly as possible, there’s nothing like a brand-new carpet with its fresh, clean smell.

Showing: iSense Illusions carpet, made from 100% polyamide giving it a soft finish and improved appearance retention compared to polypropylene carpets. At only £20.99m², and with a heavy domestic rating it’s a good choice for landlords looking for something a little more luxurious.

For hard flooring, choose laminate 
For hallways, dining rooms, even open plan living areas – laminate flooring is the most economical hard flooring, therefore ideal for rented properties.  Without any smells and stains left behind once tenants vacate, and providing it is looked after, laminate flooring can serve you over multiple tenancies.  Today’s laminate flooring planks are extremely scratch resistant and with so many colours and styles available, they make a room look fantastic - just what you need when you’re looking for new tenants.   

Showing: Quick-Step Creo laminate flooring we fitted around a bay window at a home in Bowdon.  The Creo range from Quick-Step is a basic laminate plank that starts from a very affordable £12.49m².

What about the bathroom?
It’s likely in a rented property the bathroom flooring will need replacing at the end of each tenancy.  With that in mind, cushioned vinyl is ideal – it’s very low cost and easy to take up and replace.  In terms of performance, it’s ideal for busy bathroom environments, being completely waterproof and extremely hard-wearing – and it looks nice too!

Consider tenants' tastes
Depending on the value of the property you are letting, it’s important to consider what flooring will help sell your property.  If a fresh, clean carpet makes the difference between an immediate let over a three month wait, then it’s money well spent.  And making an impact on that first viewing is crucial – so it’s worth opting for colours and flooring styles that are fashionable in interiors.  That’s not to say spend more on a premium product, there are plenty of on-trend flooring styles available at both the bottom and mid-end of the budget, ideal for landlords. 

If you are a property landlord and need new flooring, contact us today for a free on-site survey, or call in to one of our showrooms to be shown flooring appropriate for your property and budget.  You’ll be surprised at the choice!