Floor trims and finishes

Ever wondered what the difference is between all the different flooring trims and finishes available?  Why are there so many and what do they all do?  Let us tell you…

Finishing your flooring
Ultimately, trims and profiles bring a clean, neat and tidy finish to your flooring, so you don’t see any nasty edges or risk tripping on the ends of carpet.  As flooring changes from room to room, be it a different texture (carpet to wood floor) or a different pattern, a trim neatly marks the end of that floor type and in some cases helps balance uneven edges.  There are also many other, what we call finishing profiles, to give your room the very best final look, from radiator covers to edging against skirting boards.  It’s all about the detail when it comes to finishing your floor!

Door thresholds
Carpet trims or floor trims are often referred to as door thresholds; and we supply a range of solid brass trims for rooms where carpet meets carpet.  There are different trims to choose from depending on the type of carpet, some work better with pile, whereas some are best with thin carpets.  Each trim available comes in a choice of finishes; standard finishes in antique brass, antique bronze, satin brass and brass; or special finishes in chrome, pewter, nickel and black.
A brushed chrome door threshold or carpet trim between two rooms - high quality trims are available from Flooring 4 You Ltd
Showing: A brushed chrome door threshold or carpet trim between two rooms.

Where there’s a height difference
In rooms where carpet meets a hard floor, be that engineered hardwood, laminate or luxury vinyl tiles, and especially if the carpet is deep pile, there is often a height difference between the two floors.  In these situations, we install high quality, ramp-like door thresholds, made from solid brass. They perfectly hide the varying heights between the two rooms, and with a self-adhesive inlay strip covering the fixing screws, you’re left with an attractive, neat finish. 

For hard floors
In the case of two different hard floor surfaces coming together, there are two options depending on the flooring in question.  For an LVT meeting a laminate or wood, you might well go for one of the metallic, brass trims.  These are always good if you are looking to complement other features within your interior, such as door handles or stair rods and need to differentiate clearly between the two rooms.
With a Quick-Step laminate floor, their patented Incizo profile will perfectly match the colour of your final flooring.  The Incizo is quite unique in that it can be used to cover five applications: linking floors of the same height, bridging floors of different height, connecting a laminate floor with a carpet, finishing the floor around a wall or window or finishing steps and stairs.  The Incizos are also available in a metallic finish, if preferred.
Quick-Step Incizo and Scotia finishing perfectly matching the laminate flooring in the room, available from Flooring 4 You
Showing: Quick-Step Incizo and Scotia finishing profiles around the wall and window, perfectly matching the laminate flooring in the room.

Quick-Step skirting
If you want a new floor but don’t want to replace your skirting boards, a small length of wood called a scotia will hide the expansion gaps at the edge of your flooring.  The finish is clean and elegant, but the emphasis is still on the skirting board.  Quick-Step do scotia to match the colour and style of your chosen laminate or engineered floors.  But if you do want to replace the skirting and keep it the same as your floor, there’s also the option to get skirting boards from Quick-Step to match, too.
Quick-Step matching skirting boards to this Largo laminate flooring installation by Flooring 4 You Ltd
Showing: Quick-Step matching skirting boards to this Largo laminate flooring installation at a home in Northwich.

If you don’t know which trims or profiles you need for your home, don’t worry.  It’s something we check for at the time of survey when we understand the flooring you want and check the flooring heights.  Our professional flooring surveyors will talk you through the options available to you.  They can show you samples of trims at the time of survey, or you can visit one of our showrooms to choose, once you know the flooring or carpet you will be having. Contact us today to arrange your free estimate for flooring, installed by our flooring professionals and finished with care.