Distinctive LVT Flooring

When it comes to LVT flooring, the names Amtico or Karndean will probably first spring to mind. But there’s another brand of luxury vinyl that you should definitely check out! It’s called Distinctive Flooring - their LVT planks and tiles look great, they’re competitive on price and they’ve just launched two new collections! Find out more…

About Distinctive Flooring
We’ve been selling and installing Distinctive Flooring for several years and if you’ve visited our Knutsford flooring showroom to shop LVT, you may well have seen the samples. But who are Distinctive and what makes their LVT any different to the other leading brands?
Here in the UK, Distinctive Flooring is based in Bradford, but the actual flooring products are made in Germany. It goes without saying therefore, that quality is a priority. So much so that Distinctive give a lifetime wear warranty for floors in residential spaces.

One of the original Distinctive LVT floors, Roma in the Italian collection available from Flooring 4 You
One of the original Distinctive floors, this is Roma in the Italian collection. 

One of the stand-out features of Distinctive Flooring luxury vinyl has to be attention to detail. A high-quality embossing technique is used to create truly authentic woods and stones. This technique picks out every knot and grain in the wood for example, giving it texture and a visible undulating surface.
Of course, there are also all the other benefits you can expect from a luxury vinyl floor. From being waterproof to warmer underfoot, as well as easy to clean and maintain, Distinctive LVT floors are designed to look good and last. One other aspect that makes Distinctive LVT flooring an interesting consideration is price; you’ll find it is very competitive compared to other LVT flooring brands.
Distinctive LVT parquet floor installed by Flooring 4 You in Stockport
Showing: A Distinctive LVT parquet floor we installed at a home in Stockport.

The new collections
Around Summer 2019, Distinctive Flooring announced the arrival of two new LVT collections. We’re thrilled to say we now have the samples of these new woods, stones and patterns in our Knutsford showroom. At the same time of launching these new products, Distinctive Flooring also updated their website where you can see all the colours available. But, here’s a little more about what you can expect to find if you like the sound of Distinctive’s LVT offering. Or, why not come and see the floors for yourself in our Knutsford flooring showroom!
See samples of Distinctive LVT flooring at the Flooring 4 You showroom in Knutsford
Showing: The Distinctive Flooring LVT stands on display at our Knutsford showroom.

The Landscape Collection
Here you can find a selection of new LVT styles which cover wood effect, stone effect, mosaic tile designs and parquet. They all come with a 0.7mm wear layer, for a durable floor that will stand the test of time even in busy family environments.
Wildwood sees the introduction of 30 new wood colours, ranging from fashionable greys and pale woods to those with richer, warmer tones. With a bevelled edge profile, the plank sizes are 9”x60”. Six of the woods are also available for laying as parquet, coming in a smaller 3”x12” plank size.  
Shoreline is a collection of 14 different stone colour luxury vinyl tiles inspired by nature. Some of the colours come in a rectangular shape at 12”x24” while others come in a square, where you can choose from a smaller 9”x9” or larger 18”x18”. 
The new Shoreline LVT tiles from Distinctive Flooring, available from Flooring 4 You in Cheshire
Showing: The new Shoreline LVT tiles in the Landscape collection from Distinctive Flooring. The larger 18”x18” square tiles have been laid to a pattern alongside the smaller 9”x9” tiles for a floor with impact.

Another of the new floors in the Landscape collection is a first from Distinctive Flooring, and they are the Tapestry tiles. The 9”x9” square tiles feature an elegant mosaic tile design in a range of shades, from dark to light. They have been designed to be mixed and matched with either the woods or stones in the rest of the Landscape collection for a truly unique floor. Or, you can simply make the whole space a mosaic. The beauty of LVT is you create the floor you want!
Tapestry and Shoreline square tiles in the Distinctive Flooring Landscape collection, available from Flooring 4 You in Cheshire

Showing: Tapestry and Shoreline square tiles in the Distinctive Flooring Landscape collection have been laid together for a floor that resonates country chic and looks completely one of a kind.

The Aspect Collection
With the Aspect collection you can expect to find more distinct, multi-tonal patterns in the woods and stones. Variation is what brings this collection to life. All the planks and tiles from Aspect have a 0.55mm wear layer.
Urban is where you will find the wood effect planks, of which there are 18 colours to choose from at a plank size of 7.25”x48”. Four of the colours are available as a herringbone parquet at a smaller 6”x24” plank size. These include Skylight, Sash, Cappuccino and City, offering something different for homes whether you’re looking for dramatic or classic.
Sash herringbone in the Aspect collection from Distinctive Flooring, available from  Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire
Showing: Sash herringbone in the Aspect collection from Distinctive Flooring with its classic, timeless look.

Skyline is a stunning collection of eight stone tiles which have character, depth and all the authenticity of a material found in the natural world. Exuding the look of luxury, they come in a rectangular 12”x18” tile with a bevelled edge profile. The tiles themselves blend a range of tones within each, but whether you want a light or dark floor, there’s a colour to suit.
Aspect Perseus in the Skyline collection from Distinctive Flooring, available from Flooring 4 You Ltd
Showing: Aspect Perseus in the Skyline collection from Distinctive Flooring, the look of real stone with all the practicalities of a vinyl.

If you’re considering an LVT floor for your home, come and see us at our Knutsford showroom to discuss Distinctive Flooring. You’ll be pleased by the quality and surprised by the price. We also offer a high-quality, LVT flooring installation service with our team of professional LVT floor fitters, so you can be assured of the very best floor for years to come. Contact us for a free estimate for LVT flooring or call in to see us in Knutsford!