Brand Ambassadors for Alternative Flooring Carpets, Rugs, and Runners

Since we moved to our new Knutsford showroom, we have become Brand Ambassadors for Alternative Flooring carpets, rugs, and runners. It means we have a Flagship Store where all the Alternative Flooring products are on display, including large size samples of the Quirky collections. If you’re looking for Alternative flooring products in Cheshire, you should visit us in Knutsford.

About Alternative Flooring

We’ve been working with Alternative Flooring for many years now, and we can hand on heart say their products are not only excellent quality, but they are exciting and lead the way from a design perspective. Alternative is an award-winning brand in the flooring industry, the high-quality carpets, rugs, and runners are often featured in magazines and blogs, and are a favourite with interior designers. As well as being sustainable, Alternative’s focus has always been on creating exciting, eye-catching flooring designs, which are as important in a room as any other interiors feature. Yes, it’s not only all about the wallpaper and fabrics; carpets and rugs are getting noticed too!
Alternative Flooring Quirky Tartan Silver Tassie seen here made into a runner with a whipped edge is available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire
This is one of the new Quirky Tartans available from Alternative Flooring, seen here made into a stairs runner with a whipped edge – it’s the Quirky Tartan Silver Tassie.

New Alternative designs
This year has seen Alternative Flooring launch quite a few wonderful new products. If you are wondering what’s new for 2022 – read on as we bring you a comprehensive snapshot of the fresh styles. And if you like what you see, then you know you can visit our Knutsford flooring showroom to touch, feel, and compare samples.

From bright colours, super soft textures, and subtle stripes, here’s what’s new from Alternative Flooring.

Super soft Plush faux carpets
The trend for super soft, practical yet luxurious, manmade carpets continues, and it’s good to see Alternative Flooring delivering their own take on this style.
There are actually three different types of ‘Plush’ available from Alternative: Plush Sheer, Plush Stripe, and Plush Velvet. Each one comes in the same choice of eight soft, neutral tones, making them perfect for anywhere in a family home.
Plush Sheer is a hand-tufted, 100% polyester carpet with a beautiful soft sheen which is highlighted by the tip shear finish. Tip shearing is a process of tufting some of the carpet’s loops higher than others, and partly cutting them while leaving the lower tufted loops - the result is a lovely, light-catching shimmer. The  luxurious feel of the Plush Sheer carpet underfoot makes it ideal for installing in a bedroom or being made into a rug.

The new Plush Sheer carpet from Alternative Flooring is available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire

Here is the Plush Sheer carpet shown in colour Moonstone.
Plush Stripe is a unique choice of 100% polyester faux carpet. This hand-woven, hand-crafted carpet is somewhat different from many of the other faux carpets on the market, in that this one features stripes. Yes,  horizontal stripes running through the luxurious soft faux carpet, gives it extra dimension visually.

The new Plush Stripe carpet from Alternative Flooring is available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire where you can see all the samples
The Plush Stripe carpet from Alternative Flooring, this is colour Moonstone.
Plush Velvet offers the deepest, softest pile of all the Plush faux carpets with a 1.47 tog rating. It’s also incredibly practical and hardwearing, being stain resistant too. This range of lux carpets look sensational wall to wall or even made as a bespoke rug or runner for the stairs.  

The new Plush Velvet faux carpet from Alternative Flooring is practical and super soft, and available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire
You can see the softness of the Plush Velvet faux carpet from Alternative Flooring, seen here in colour White Jasper. 

Quirky Tartan
We can’t be more excited about the six new stunning tartan designs, which take the quintessential British pattern to another level. And the new Quirky Tartan carpets from Alternative Flooring have all been designed and made in Britain, using certified British wool. They are a wool mix carpet, made from 80% British wool and 20% nylon. These modern, youthful tartan patterns have been designed by Sophie Anne Campbell, a student at The Glasgow School of Art who won the Alternative Flooring ‘Design a Tartan Carpet Competition’.
And another fun fact about the Quirky Tartans is that they are all named after poems written by the Scottish poet Robert Burns!

Flooring 4 You Ltd has all the samples of the Quirky Tartans from Alternative Flooring at their new flooring showroom in Cheshire, including this one, the Quirky Tartan Red Red Rose
This is the Quirky Tartan Red Red Rose, in a stunning, vibrant pattern. All the Quirky Tartans come available as a narrow width carpet runner with a whipped edge, as well as a full width carpet.

Wool Iconic Herringstripe
Move over herringbone, Alternative are bringing us the herringstripe. Yes, it’s a lovely blend of beautiful stripe and herringbone pattern, which will look stunning in any interior. We’ve installed a lot of the Wool Iconic Herringbone carpets and runners in homes across Cheshire, and we imagine the flatwoven 100% Wool Iconic Herringstripe will be just as popular.
It's a floorcovering which screams style and elegance, and the neutral pale tones it comes available in, make it very versatile alongside other colour schemes.

Come and see the elegance of the new Alternative Flooring Wool Iconic Herringstripe carpet at the Flooring 4 You Ltd showroom in Knutsford
And here it is, a cool combo of herringbone and stripe, for a really sophisticated finish. The colour seen here is Wool Iconic Herringstripe Fonteyn with its very soft pink tones.

Wool Motown and Wool Rhythm
We are listing these two new 100% wool carpets together, as Alternative’s thinking behind their design is to be able to mix and match them across interior spaces. The 10 neutral shades which make up the Motown collection have been mixed together to create the tonal stripes as seen in the Wool Rhythm collection. Both the Motown and Rhythm carpets are made exactly the same, there’s no difference in the specification or construction.
So, if you want a stripe for the stairs and landings but would like to bring out one of the colours from the stripe into the bedrooms, you can do that with the Motown and Rhythm wool carpets. And these make a great choice for the stairs, being 100% wool. Plus, you can make a bespoke runner or rug from either of the collections.
And lastly, we love the fact these carpets are named after some of the greats from the world of Motown, Rhythm, and Blues. There is a Martha, a Tammi, a Louis, a Luther, and more!

The tonal stripes of the new Wool Rhythm carpet from Alternative Flooring is available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire  The new Wool Motown carpet from Alternative Flooring matches perfectly with the Wool Rhythm carpet - you can see them both at the Flooring 4 You Ltd showroom in Knutsford
The first image shows the Wool Rhythm blue tonal striped carpet in colour Curtis, while the next one shows Wool Motown in colour Tammi.

Wool Rib
This is a new tight loop tufted wool carpet from Alternative. It’s a hardwearing 50% wool and 50% nylon mix, making it another good choice for the stairs and landings. The 8 colours which are available in the Wool Rib collection are all soft, neutral shades and ideal for pairing with all sorts of colour schemes. You can see the samples of Wool Rib at our Knutsford showroom – you can also make rugs and runners from Wool Rib too. 

The new Wool Rib carpet from Alternative Flooring is available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire
Here is the new Wool Rib wool mix carpet in colour Ash.

The new ‘Woosie’ collection of carpets
As the term suggest, the new Woosie carpets from Alternative are made using a combination of beautiful soft wool and practical, hard-wearing sisal. Hence, ‘Woo’ (wool) and ‘sie’ (sisal). There are three different styles available, each coming in a gold and silver sisal colour option. All the Woosie floorcoverings can be installed as a fitted carpet or be made into a runner, a stair runner, or a loose laid rug.
Woosie Bouclé is made of 54% sisal and 46% wool, with the beautiful soft woollen yarn looped at intervals to create a cosy bobbly effect. Bouclé Wistful comes in a gold sisal, while Bouclé Winsome is made from a silver-coloured sisal.
Woosie Check is a wonderful blend of 70% sisal and 30% wool to create a checked floorcovering effect. Woosie Check Wild is made using a gold coloured sisal, while Woosie Check Wonderful is made from a silver-coloured sisal.

The new Sisal and Wool carpet from Alternative Flooring is called the Woosie, seen here is Woosie Check, all the Woosie carpets are available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire
We’re showing the Woosie Check Wonderful here. Not only does this carpet deliver a lovely check pattern, but you get the contrast between two textures too. 
Woosie Panama mixes the hard wearing sisal fibre with the softness of a 3 ply woollen yarn. The result is a wonderfully textural carpet or rug beneath your feet, which brings another dimension to your living space. Choose from Panama Wise with a gold-coloured sisal, or Panama Whimsical with a silver-coloured sisal.
Sisal carpets work in some rooms better than others – speak with our expert flooring advisers to find out more.

Designer Collaborations
Something Alternative Flooring is famous for, is its collaborations with designers to create stunning floorcoverings. For a few years now, Alternative has worked with weaving expert Margo Selby and you can find many of her creations in the Alternative Quirky collection including bold stripes, modern geometrics and other patterns. There is currently a Margo Selby Stripe Collection available in wall to wall carpet, rugs, or runners, in a choice of colour formats, from bright to dark.
Other industry experts whose designs are featured in the Alternative Flooring collection include Interior Designers Ben Pentreath and Ashley Hicks, and wallpaper and fabric designers, renowned for their bold prints, Divine Savages. We have all these wonderful patterns from Alternative on display at our Knutsford showroom, so you can get a good idea for the colours, designs, and how they might work in your space.

The Alternative Flooring Quirky Divine Savages Deco Blush carpet is available from Flooring 4 You Ltd in Cheshire - it can be made into a rug or runner too
From the Alternative Flooring Quirky Divine Savages collection, this is the Deco Blush carpet in an iconic design that pays homage to the roaring 1920s.

We’re an official Alternative Flooring Play Partner
Yes, we are an official Alternative Flooring Play Partner as our showroom in the centre of Knutsford is classified as a Flagship Store. Here you will find all the Alternative Flooring products, including the Quirky patterned carpets in clearly labelled, large size samples. And it means we are very fortunate to have the award-winning, easy-to-use PLAY STUDIO within our showroom. The PLAY STUDIO features a PLAY table with dedicated space for you to choose your ideal Alternative Flooring products, letting you lay out fabric samples, paint charts, and drawings.
As well as being a Flagship Store, we are Alternative Flooring Brand Ambassadors too. Not only can we advise on all the Alternative products there are, but we can quote for them and install them in your home, correctly. This includes helping you to have bespoke rugs and hallway or stair runners made from Alternative’s extensive product selection.

The Alternative Flooring PLAY STUDIO in the Flooring 4 You Ltd flooring showroom in Knutsford - you can find all the Alternative carpet, rug, and runner samples here
Here is our dedicated Alternative Flooring PLAY STUDIO in our Knutsford showroom. As well as all the samples of everything from Alternative Flooring, the large PLAY table lets you lay out and compare samples. And if you were wondering about the striped carpet we have in the room – it’s the Margo Selby Stripe Frolic Westbrook carpet.

Whether you want wall to wall carpet, a bespoke rug, or a runner making for your stairs, we can help you choose the right colour and texture for your space with Alternative Flooring. The collections feature something for every home including bright colours and exciting patterns. If you know the carpet you like, you can get a free estimate for Alternative Flooring for your home, contact us today.

Please note – all images seen in this blog, with the exception of the last one showing the PLAY STUDIO, remain the rights of The Alternative Flooring Company Ltd.