Bespoke Carpets from Hugh Mackay

We love how creative you can be with flooring and stair runners and now you can create bespoke Axminster carpets with British carpet brand Hugh Mackay.
Read on for a step by step guide on how to use the Hugh Mackay bespoke carpet design portal to create your own unique carpet. Then order your creation with us and our professional carpet fitting team can install it for you.

Patterns and Colours – you choose
There’s often much more to a carpet than what you see on the display stands in flooring showrooms.
This is very much the case with our fabulous new Hugh Mackay Axminster carpet stand which you will find in our Knutsford showroom. There are many more pattern and colour options available, which we can talk you through when you visit us. But you can also have a go at creating your own version of one of the Axminster carpets, using the Hugh Mackay website. It’s a great starting point. And if you are unsure of a pattern, you can always visit us in Knutsford to see the carpets up close!   

Design it with Hugh Mackay

To get started designing your own bespoke Hugh Mackay Axminster carpet, visit the Hugh Mackay website at Once on the homepage, click on ‘Design It’ from the main menu, as we’ve highlighted with an arrow on the image below.   

This opens the tool which will allow you to build and create your carpet. As well as choosing a pattern and colours, you can view the finished carpet in both 2D and 3D views. But before that, you need to choose a brochure to establish the collection and range of the carpet you like. This is where it might be handy to visit our carpet showroom first so that you can get an idea of some of the Hugh Mackay Axminsters you like, with a note of their names.

But if not, simply clicking on a collection or range will open a mini gallery of carpet patterns. Simply choose the one you like! In our example, we have chosen Safari. And Safari is one of the collections you can see on our Hugh Mackay stand in Knutsford.

Design your own Hugh Mackay carpet with Flooring 4 You Ltd carpet showroom in Cheshire    Design your own Hugh Mackay carpet at the Flooring 4 You Ltd carpet showroom in Cheshire

We are going to use the Leopard carpet in the Safari collection in our example.
At this point, you need to choose a colour palette from the six available: Vision, Standard, Naturals, Spectrum, Tones, Elegance. You can click on each one to get an idea of the colour options within the palettes. We also have a ‘Pom Box’ in our Knutsford showroom with each of the colours in all the palettes, so if you are unsure of the colours onscreen, you can take a look at them up close when you visit us.

Design your own Hugh Mackay carpet at Flooring 4 You Ltd Knutsford carpet showroom

We have chosen the Tones colour palette, as below.

Design your own Hugh Mackay carpet with Flooring 4 You Ltd at their Cheshire carpet showroom

You can see the Safari Leopard carpet is made up of 5 different colours. All you need to do, is start choosing the colours you like and play at creating your own unique version of the carpet you have chosen.
Click on ‘Grey 1’ then choose a colour from the palette. Then click on ‘Grey 2’ and choose a colour from the palette, and so on.

We’ve gone for a blend of darker shades with hint of Teal to give the Leopard carpet a modern vibe, perfect for a new living space after a home renovation.

Design your own Hugh Mackay carpet at the Flooring 4 You Ltd carpet showroom in Cheshire   Design your own Hugh Mackay carpet at Flooring 4 You Ltd carpet showroom in Cheshire

If you click on ‘Show Repeat’ you can see the pattern repeat in the carpet (as seen on the picture on the right). And if you click on ‘View 3D’, you can see what the carpet looks like in different home settings, as below.

Design your own Hugh Mackay carpet with Flooring 4 You Ltd at their carpet showroom in Cheshire

If you want to play with several different designs, you can. Just make sure to click ‘Save design’ and it will drop to the bottom where you can see it says, ‘Saved design(s)’.
You can also print your design or save it as a pdf which is handy to have when you visit us or speak with us about ordering the carpet you have created.

Pricing your bespoke Hugh Mackay carpet
Once you have created a bespoke Axminster carpet you like, you’ll most probably want to know how much it will cost you. Of course, pricing a carpet isn’t always straightforward so the tool doesn’t share costs. We can tell you that prices (at the time of writing in June 2023) start at £65.99m2. But, if you call, email or visit us, we can help you with a better idea of price for the bespoke Hugh Mackay carpet you have chosen. After that, we will need to visit your home to carry out a free survey where we take measurements. This ensures all prices we give you are accurate, based on the size, shape, and condition of the room you want carpeting. 

The quality of Hugh Mackay carpets
The British brand that is Hugh Mackay has been operating in the carpet industry for over 100 years with its origins as a family business starting in Durham. Hugh Mackay has gone from strength to strength in this time, achieving recognition as one of the world’s best carpet makers. As well as popular in cruise ships, their carpets can be found in Windsor Castle, the Houses of Parliament and in many other royal residences around the world. Today, as part of the Victoria Group, the business continues to design and produce high-quality carpets. They have always been a staple brand in our flooring showrooms, with our customers liking the quality and price of the carpets as much as their comfort and design.

Design your own Hugh Mackay carpet at the Flooring 4 You Ltd carpet showroom in Knutsford Cheshire
This is our Hugh Mackay stand in Knutsford with a selection of Axminsters in different patterns on display. All of these carpets are available as bespoke. You can choose colours from our ‘Pom Box’ here at our Knutsford showroom or get creative from the comfort of your home with the Hugh Mackay online Design It service.

If you know the Hugh Mackay carpet, contact us too book your free estimate. Alternatively, visit our flooring and carpet showroom on King Street in Knutsford to see designs, colours and patterns and discuss the best carpet for your space.