A Paler Shade of Floor for 2024

We’ve seen growing interest in floors in paler shades when it comes to home interiors. So much to say that light floors in softer blonde or sandy and honey-coloured tones are on trend for 2024. We look at why a light floor will make a difference to your space. And we share some of the options we have available if you’re considering a light-coloured floor for your home.


Light floors open up a room
A floor in a lighter hue can make a room feel larger, more spacious and open. Once of the reasons for this is the way a light coloured floor reflects more natural light. Small spaces might benefit from a floor in a light colour, especially if you want to achieve the sense of opening the area up.
Not to be confused with the light floors that were popular with the Scandi style trend of a few years ago. The light floors which are sought after today are more honey-coloured, blonde in tone and with a natural, rustic appearance. Interestingly, such light floors, when laid in a herringbone pattern will create a lovely flow through a room, as much as creating a sense of airy, openness.


Light floors look fantastic against bright colours and patterns
We don’t do walls or fabrics and furnishings, but we do know that being brave and bold with these is very much in fashion in today’s home interiors. Making a unique statement in your home with deep or vivid colours, even mixing up elaborate patterns with soft furnishings or wallpaper on the walls or ceiling - there’s no end to the level of creativity to bring to your perfect space.
But what we do know is that lighter floors work really well as a neutral base and starting point for such room styling. Light floors will help to tone down the chaos created by the medley of colour and pattern. Whatever colours you choose in a space, a light floor is super versatile, making the perfect pairing.
Even metallic accents from gold to brass and aluminium work well with a light floor. The detail on cabinetry, light fittings and other accessories or home furniture can be elevated thanks to their reflective properties  against a lighter coloured floor.


Relax a little more with a light-coloured floor
There’s just something very calming about a light floor. They exude an organic feel which with their sense of space and airiness can really lift a room. They also give off a coastal vibe too, the light tones reminiscent of sandy beaches and big skies. The clean, softer hues of a light floor are perfect if a contemporary interior is what you’re looking for this year. And coupled with the realistic details you would expect from a lighter wood, your floor will take on a lovely natural aesthetic too.
But an even better fact about light floors is that they hide dust and any small marks in the floor better than darker floors. So, if you’re looking for low maintenance and a more relaxed life, then a light floor will be perfect for you. 


Light-coloured wood floors available from Flooring 4 You
Take a look through some of the different options in light floors we have here at Flooring 4 You, including some of the light floors we have installed in homes across Cheshire and South Manchester.
For wood floors, there are plenty of engineered woods in light tones from Ted Todd, such as these…
The Ted Todd Petworth floor in the Project Collection installed in a garage conversion in Mobberley Cheshire by Flooring 4 You Ltd    Flooring 4 You Ltd installed this Ted Todd Petworth floor in the Project Collection in a garage conversion in Mobberley Cheshire
This is the Ted Todd Petworth floor in the Project collection, which we installed in the extra wide planks in this garage conversion at a home in Mobberley. You can see the natural light oak tone that Petworth delivers, complete with knots and natural grain detail. The extra wide planks have a robust 4mm wear layer making it as practical as it is on-trend with its light oak tone.

Ted Todd Fleece in the Warehouse Collection installed in a herringbone pattern in a Cheshire home hallway by Flooring 4 You Ltd     The Ted Todd Fleece floor in the Warehouse Collection installed in this kitchen at a home in Altrincham in a chevron pattern by Flooring 4 You Ltd
A popular choice of wood floor in a lighter tone is Ted Todd Fleece in the Warehouse collection. You can see it here in two different installations we completed last year. The first on the left is Fleece installed in a herringbone pattern in a hallway at a home in Cheshire, which we continued throughout the rest of the downstairs in the plank format. The second on the right, is Fleece installed in a chevron pattern in a kitchen in an Altrincham home. As well as being a wood floor that is lighter in colour, Fleece is packed full of personality with its many knots, burrs and lively grain patterns – just what you want from a high-quality wood floor. And all planks and parquet blocks in Fleece are given a hardened oil finish which gives the floor extra wear and splash resistance.


LVT floors available in a light colour
For those who want the look of a natural, rustic wood but in a more practical LVT, there are just as many great choices of light-coloured floors. Take a look at some of the luxury vinyl we have installed in on-trend light tones.
Amtico Signature Cornish Oak large parquet installed in an open plan kitchen at a home in Bowdon by Flooring 4 You Ltd     Amtico Signature Cornish Oak large parquet herringbone installed in a garden room at a home in Peover by Flooring 4 You Ltd

Here is Cornish Oak in the Amtico Signature collection, a tough LVT with a 1.0mm wear layer. We’re sharing two pictures of the floor which we installed in different homes, in different lights. The first on the left is taken in natural light, and is Cornish Oak large parquet in a herringbone pattern, installed across an open plan kitchen dining space in Bowdon.
The second on the right hand side is Cornish Oak again, also in the large parquet format in a herringbone pattern. The picture has been taken early evening and with the lights on in the new garden room space at a home in Peover. It helps to show the smooth, light sun-bleached tones you can expect from Cornish Oak blending with the grain detail which runs throughout.

Amtico Form Cowrie Oak herringbone LVT floor installed in this Bowdon home by Flooring 4 You Ltd, Cheshire floor fitting specialists
Another great choice of light oak coloured, wood effect LVT from Amtico is Cowrie Oak in the Form collection. You can see it here installed in a herringbone pattern in this Bowdon home, using the large parqet format. Cowrie Oak has a real beach feel with its light, sun-bleached tones and makes the perfect neutral base for pairing with darker colours or patterns in your interior.
Also worth looking at from Amtico is Muted Oak in the Spacia collection, especially if want a more traditional oak style to your LVT. Muted Oak boasts soft, sandy tones and sits on the lighter side of the wood effect LVTs available.


Laminate floors from Quick-step in on-trend light tones
If you’re looking for a laminate floor in a lighter hue, Quick-Step have some good options in their waterproof Impressive collection.
Quick-Step Patina Classic Oak Light laminate floor installed by Flooring 4 You Ltd in this new kitchen space in Sale Cheshire

This is the Quick-Step Patina Classic Oak Light laminate floor which has been designed to look like a real wood floor. Being water resistant and compatible with underfloor heating, it is ideal for kitchen spaces like this one where we installed it a home in Sale. Patina Classic Oak Light is delicate in tone and features a lovely grain pattern detail throughout, making it the ideal base colour palette for any interior. With its light and airy feel, it suits this contemporary kitchen space perfectly.  


The light floors we have shared in this blog post are just a few of the many options we have available across engineered wood, LVT and laminate. To get a real feel for the best light wood floor for your home, make sure to visit us at one of our flooring showrooms. You can find us in Knutsford and Bowdon, with samples of all the latest products from the leading names in flooring. Don’t start your home renovation or home improvement project without us!