5 top tips to protect your floor this Christmas

The season of goodwill is finally upon is. And that means Christmas trees, decorations, parties, booze and new toys.  Basically, lots of things which can do damage to your floor, if you’re not careful.  We’re not out to be complete grinches and stop you from doing all you enjoy, instead we want to bestow some useful advice, so you can keep your hard floor or carpet safe this festive season.
Flooring 4 You Ltd Cheshire - 5 top tips for protecting your floor this Christmas
Here are our 5 top tips to protect your floor this Christmas...

1. Use a mat beneath the Christmas tree
It sounds obvious, but it’s very easy in the excitement of putting up the tree, to forget to place something beneath it to protect your floor.  Whether you have laminate, engineered hard wood or carpet, you should take preventative measures before bringing the tree into the house.  Real Christmas trees made from spruce, pine or cypress can leak sap and will need watering over the festive period.  Both sap and excess water on your flooring can cause a problem.
Make sure your tree goes into a pot and that any watering of the tree is done carefully to minimise spills.

Then invest in a good quality mat to sit beneath your Christmas tree pot, don’t use a towel or other absorbent material which will retain liquid.  A good quality mat will help prevent any scratches from the pot, likewise in the case of artificial Christmas trees which come with hard stands or legs.
Flooring 4 You Ltd tips to protect your floor this Christmas - put a mat under your Christmas tree

2. Vacuum dropped needles regularly
The other peril with all types of Christmas tree, although mostly real ones, is the dropping of needles.  Try and place your tree in an area which is less likely to have people brush against it, reducing the amount of needle droppage.  In the case of a real tree, it’s advisable to vacuum the needles up every day, especially if they are landing on your floor or carpet.  There is a risk of staining from dropped needles and you may also find some manage to sneak into the grooves of your floor.  By using a good-sized mat beneath the tree, you can minimise the number of needles landing on your floor.  And if you struggle to vacuum dropped needles out of your carpet, use a little duct tape gently to extract them.
Flooring 4 You - Protect your floor this Christmas by vacuuming pine needles up regularly

3. Take care with candles
While candles in any place where they can be easily knocked over is dangerous, if by tradition you do light candles and place them on the floor for extra festive ambience, then extra care for your floor is needed.  Candle wax can damage all types of flooring and trying to remove it can cause even more problems.  Ideally, keep candles away from your floor if you can.  If you have them on the fireplace, make sure they are a good distance from the edge or try placing them on a decorative plate or tray to help keep any wax accidents away from your floor.
Flooring 4 You Ltd - take care with candles on your hard floor this Christmas

4. New toys under the tree
If you have children and in the excitement of the big day, presents are being opened around the tree on a laminate or engineered surface, take care to make sure no big, heavy toys scratch it.  The same goes for any small toy cars or trains being ‘whizzed’ over the floor.  Prepare the evening before by laying a large rug or throw down for the children to open their presents on. Or, encourage the children to take a present and move to a softer surface to open their gifts and play.  If presents are being opened on carpet, take care for any wrapping paper and bags with glitter on them – whatever the surface, glitter will shimmer on your floor for months afterwards!

5. Avoid party spills
If you are having family and friends coming over in large numbers for either Christmas or New Year’s celebrations, there is always the risk of a spilled drink, or dropped canape.  But with a little bit of extra party planning, you can put actions in place to protect your floors and minimise any stains or damage.  Nominate one person to be the glass or bottle collector throughout the evening, so empties are picked up and cleared away, preventing them from being knocked over.  Make sure you have plenty of cloths or tea towels to hand, so any spills or trodden food can be cleared away quickly and easily.  A lot of the time, the quicker the incident can be dealt with, the less damage is done.
Flooring 4 You top tips to protect your floor this Christmas - be prepared for party spills

If you will be looking to spruce up your floor after the festive season, you can stock up on floor cleaning products with us. Whether engineered hardwood, laminate or luxury vinyl tiles, we stock floor cleaning and maintenance solutions at all our showrooms.  But if a new floor is on your Christmas wish list, contact us today to get a free flooring estimate ready for a wood, laminate, LVT or carpet fitting in 2019.